Sales of Turntables Increase Along With Vinyl

It’s been widely reported that vinyl sales are up, but with recent rumors surrounding the alleged death of the Technics 1200, some would find it difficult to believe that turntable sales could be healthy as well. New York retailer J&R Music claims record sales for the 21 different analog and digital turntable models that it carries.

Rachelle Friedman, the co-owner of J&R, said the store is selling more vinyl and turntables than it has in at least a decade, fueled largely by growing demand from members of the iPod generation.

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675 thoughts on “Sales of Turntables Increase Along With Vinyl”

  1. Is like this post is speaking to me. I recently switched to vinyl when I read that vinyl has way richer mids and lows. I love to sample bass lines and drums so i copped an old turntable from the swap meet which in my opinion is better than sampling from cds or mp3’s. I’m waiting on my financial aid money from school so i can pick up a pair of Stanton ST-150’s, and a Vestax PMC mixer along with Serato. Maybe this is the new wave of contemporary music and thats why this blog has had a big following and why more and more people are buying turntables and vinyl.. or it could be other factors..mhh we’ll never know

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