Vinyl Junky f/ DJ Sureshot & DJ Supreme

DJ Sureshot and DJ Supreme talk about the fascination with vinyl, sampling, and hip-hop.  The two also talk about hiring musicians for their latest project and show off vinyl by Stark Reality, Aposento Alto, and Mulatu of Ethiopia.

DJ Shadow – How I Spent My Summer Vacation

DJ Shadow provides footage of the many records stores and digging spots that he visited during his summer vacation.  Basements, hotels rooms, car trunks, and storage facilities all share one thing in common… mass amounts of sweet vinyl.

Beat Swap Meet September Event

Once again… Beat Swap Meet takes place for all Los Angeles area record fiends. BUY – SELL – TRADE Blues, Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Soul, & World 12" & 45 RECORDS. Beat Swap Meet takes place in Downtown LA’s historic Chinatown district.. Sunday September 13th, 2009 (12-6pm) All Ages Casual drinking for … Read more

Vinyl Record Revival @ PortalSpace Records

Financial Times goes inside the PortalSpace Records, EMI’s former vinyl pressing facility, to explain the life of a vinyl record, including masters, mothers, and 100 ton hydraulic presses.

Vling Vinyl Record Jewelry by Alarm Industries

Why wear a traditional yellow 45 adaptor around your neck when you could easily rock one made from a genuine vinyl record.  Alarm Industries puts all of those junk promos to good use with their line of Vling jewelry, which features shapes such as cassette tapes, headphones, phonographs, and more. Check out Vling for more … Read more

Void Levitating Turntable by Rhea Jeong


Influenced by the Vinyl Killer, Rhea Jeong’s concept of a magnetic levitating vinyl “turntable” features a neat square base and self-propelled red ball containing stylus, amp, and speaker.

The seemingly magical vinyl player looks great, but don’t get your hopes up.  As a concept design, the retail release date for the Void is set for sometime between never and someday in your dreams.

[via A-Trak via DB]

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DJ Premier Interview @ Fat Beats Record Day

DJ Premier discusses the role of vinyl and DJ’s in the creation and prolifration of authentic hip-hop music.  Primo also touches on critics, upcoming projects, and more. Notable Quotes: "We still make the vinyl because I still like vinyl.  It’s a little more costly out of my pocket, but we don’t care, we do it … Read more