J-Zone’s Top 10 Record Diggin’ Stories


Dante Ross features a guest from none other than producer/crate digger J-Zone who lists his Top 10 Adventures in Diggin’.  J-Zone tells tales of his top 10 record digging adventures, which include rare rare demo tapes, crazy dollar bin finds, record store heists, and a store that even Large Professor reportedly refused to dig in.

When a man is into digging for records, he puts his health (and life) on the line. I haven’t known anybody to die in the line of duty, but some of us have knocked a few years off of our lives by inhaling mold and funny looking dusts that can’t possibly be OSHA approved.

Read the complete version of J-Zone’s Top 10 Adventures In Diggin’.

572 thoughts on “J-Zone’s Top 10 Record Diggin’ Stories”

  1. Damn. That was a good read. Makes me a little home sick for the New Orleans record spots. And that Herb McGruff track he linked went straight to the IPod.

  2. J-Zone I can’t think of any abstract adjectives to explain how cool that was. I’ll carry the torch in crate diggin in Augusta, Ga at Paper, Vinyl, Cloth & Pyramid Music (local record stores).

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