Inside Roger Steffens’s Rare Reggae Archives

Babylon Falling delivers a tour of Roger Steffens’s incredible Los Angeles reggae archives.  The author, archiver, and radio host opens the doors to his personal collection and reveals a compact museum that would leave even the most prolific and organized enthusiasts in awe.

During the tour Roger Steffens nonchalantly explores various chambers and sections of the archives, which include an immense collection of rare Bob Marley and Peter Tosh recording, buttons, and magazines.

People are always asking me what my records are worth and I don’t know. How do you put a value on these things. They’re irreplaceable. They’re not priceless, but they’re irreplaceable.

617 thoughts on “Inside Roger Steffens’s Rare Reggae Archives”

  1. not very informative,plus i wont return to this site anymore,i upload my stuff but never even get a answer ,all cratekings does is post stuff about people who allready famous,i been for 2 years or more on this site and uploading shit,now its over,i will only support what supports me ,get it ,good bye cratekings

      • LMBAO!
        I just peeped his beats…nah I’ve heard AWFUL…this guy is far from awful, hes just doing ALOT of sh*t wrong lol…I’ll give him that much at least lol…
        And all his sounds have a factory/preset feel to them…not a good look…

  2. hey ilskilz, I peeped your beats to see if they indeed were “awful” – and to my surprise they were even worse than that! Get your head out your ass and stop wasting your time.

    Steffens video is cool.

  3. Steffen needs to get that old shit converted to digital or he may lose it forever. Tapes degrade over time. They all probably already sound pretty bad.

  4. Ilskilz = *fail* but back to the regularly scheduled program… Dude is a BEAST!!! On a side note I would like to see something of the same nature done with Rudy Van Gelder .

  5. Man Semantik, you keep postin’ gems. This is a deep vid, straight history and knowledge . . .

  6. Did a show at Ohio State with Roger with Roots Records on the Life of Bob Marley. Standing room only, a great event with Roger captivating the audience for 2 hours.

  7. This is a great post…Bob is/was so influential to music. Everywhere I’ve traveled in the world…I always hear Bob. He’s the only artist I know of that is literally universal. Long live Mr. Marley!

  8. Greetings Roger & give thanks for all the archives that you’ve collected over the years,but somehow i just don’t see any archive from TRINIDAD ’78,well if you’re interested i have some pics from that time that i would love to share with you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,link up & stay blessed !!!!!!!!!

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