Red Bull Big Tune 2010 Dates & Registration Info


It’s that time of year again and legions of producers are gearing up for the 2010 Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle. Red Bull has officially announced the dates and cities for the upcoming battles. Make sure that you’re there.

  • Philadelphia May 19, 2010
  • Los Angeles May 27, 2010
  • San Francisco June 4, 2010
  • Denver June 24, 2010
  • Seattle September 2, 2010
  • Minneapolis September 24, 2010
  • St. Louis October 7, 2010
  • Ann Arbor/ Detroit October 21, 2010
  • Virginia Beach TBD

The Red Bull Big Tune national finals will take place at Chicago’s Metro at a yet to be determined date and time.

Head over to Red Bull for dates, deadlines, and registration info.

355 thoughts on “Red Bull Big Tune 2010 Dates & Registration Info”

  1. Last year the rules stated no samples but they confirmed for us that we could use samples. All my beats I submitted were sample based and all the ones I used in the battle itself were sample based.

    Trying to decide which one I wanna submit for…

  2. hmnnn, good to know @shogun…I was confused cause every single year there are maaaaaad sample based producers in these battles but I didn’t know if they up and changed the rules this time around…

    • Yeah that is good, but I wonder why they would say no sampling and then allow it….maybe because it’s eventually broadcast on BET or whatever….

      • It definitely has to do with the tv aspect of things…I brought a couple cameras for the event and had to sign some crazy waivers…I still posted the vids on Vimeo. I still have to actually edit and upload the second rounds from last year.

        And the locations change every year just like the DMC regionals…

  3. To Just Glaze
    You don’t have to live in one of those cities to apply.

    I never qualify for these battles. You have to have those big sounding beats Young Jeezy type beats. They don’t seem to accept Wu-Tang, Jedi Mind Tricks type beats.

    • well, Boonie Mayfield absolutely destroyed his regional last year and he has quite a few beats I’ve seen him make that could be characterized as “Wu-Tang, Jedi Mind Tricks” type beats…it just appears that he stepped up his game and did some pretty original sounding stuff for these battles, but with his own flavor and twist…

    • and, it’s also important to keep in mind that the judges don’t decide who wins, it’s the fans…I love me some old school, boom bap beats just as much as the next fan but a whole bunch of them in a row isn’t too appealing in 90 second chunks, especially when the aim of the competition is to see who has the “biggest” tune…RZA will never be a producer who is seen as having “big” tunes I don’t think…:)

  4. Somewhere in the rules it says you don’t have to live in the area and you can actually sign up for any location, just as long as you make there the day before the event…so, no, they don’t fly you out there just for the regionals; part of making the finals though is a paid flight out to the finals location (Chicago this year)

  5. just registered for the VA Beach battle. we’ll see what happens. can’t believe they’re comin’ through my city!

  6. You guys gotta remember the guys going through the submissions are fans of hip hop. You don’t need to have commercial sounding tracks to make it. You’ve got guys like Jake One listening to submissions. Guys that make and appreciate dope hip hop. The actual battle is something else. You gotta get the crowd. It definitely helps to bring a cheering section.

  7. yeah, vitamin d and jake one i think are the ones responsible for the event and they ARE straight boom bap and sample heads. just peep their track records. your problem shouldn’t be with the staff, but with the crowd. majority rules. if you ain’t in a town that supports and appreciates real hip hop, then your chances are slim.

    • When should you send tracks if it hasn’t been determined yet? I wonder if they check the tracks up till the battle and let people know after the deadline? anybody know

      • I think there’s a deadline date to send beats on the site. I think they wait till after the deadline to check the beats. I think I found out I made it a few days after the deadline.

        I would suggest everyone who is near one of the regionals submit beats. It’s a great experience.

        • Thanks RTC Shogun reason i asked was because VA doesn’t have a deadline yet and i thought it would be foolish to submit this early feel me.

  8. Same as Roman. This is my first time entering and haven’t got a thing from them yet. I entered the S.F. battle.

  9. I also entered the sf, just got word from a friend that he got selected today. I’m guessing if we didn’t here from them by now better luck next year, lol.

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