Vinyl Junkies – The Record Collection You Wish Was Yours

318 thoughts on “Vinyl Junkies – The Record Collection You Wish Was Yours”

  1. One day… only thing is it seems a little cold and depressing, I guess he spends all his funds on vinyl and not paint

  2. damn, this is a serious collection! but it’s not about the amount of records you own, it’s about how RARE your records are!

    so, it would be interesting which records the owner of this collection got!
    let us see more!!!!!

  3. Always wonderful to take a glance at other’s collections.

    Keep on showing these snapshots. Really digging it.

    Thanks Crate Kings!

  4. yo, just curious why semantik references the “Vinyl Records Bring Across The Humanity” video – everytime something is tagged with the word ‘vinyl’ …?

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