DJ Premier

Electro Wars Trailer f/ A-Trak x DJ Premier (Final Version)

The makers of The Electro Wars present the final trailer for the film.   Featuring Lil Jon, Dave-1, DJ Eclipse, DJ Premier, LMFO, Ninja Sonik, Spank Rock, and Pitbull, the film explores both the history and future of the music. From the musical evolution of dance music to the roles of bloggers and new media, … Read more

DJ Premier: Sampling, Recording Budgets, DJ Heroes

During and appearance on Grind Music Radio with Sean C & LV, DJ Premier gives his take on the practice of sampling in hip-hop and lists his personal heroes of DJ’ing, and the role that they played in inspiring his signature melodic scratching. Just what’s your whole take on the climate with sampling and sampling producers … Read more

Showbiz & DJ Premier Preview Beats + Talk Production

At HeadQcourterz Studios producers Showbiz and DJ Premier talk about the differences between past and present hip-hop.  Interspersed throughout the conversation are clips of Showbiz demoing beats straight from his Akai MPC2500 for an upcoming project with DJ Premier.

DJ Premier & Chairman Mao @ RBMA

Some older footage of Chairman Mao and DJ Premier on the Red Bull Music Academy couch discussing Premo’s childhood, classic hip-hop memories, and the development of his unique production style.

The Unauthorized Biography of DJ Premier

After detailing the career of Just Blaze, OTA returns with The Unauthorized Biography of DJ Premier.  The feature covers Primo’s start as a DJ in Texas, his move to New York, and the influence of Marley Marl on his style.  The biography ultimately documents the story of Gangstarr and DJ Premier’s unparalleled influence on generations … Read more

DJ Premier Discusses New Technology & Favorite Samplers

LUSSW Magazine drops an in-studio interview with DJ Premier as he talks about the evolution of hip-hop from a music of young people to a mix of both older and younger participants, reveals his all-time favorite equipment (Akai MPC 60, 60II, and S950), and gives his opinion about new and emerging technologies involved in music … Read more