Electro Wars Trailer f/ A-Trak x DJ Premier (Final Version)

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  1. Further proof that real hip hop is dying commercially, and it probably won’t be for another 10-20 years before it comes back…if it does come back.

    Welcome to the new disco age of retardedness and excess.

    • Hip hop isn’t dying. Dubstep is hip-hops answer to the electro scene and it’s more raw than EVER.

  2. Looks like an OK documentary but the fact that this is coming out is a sure sign that this “genre” is about to die. Hip Hop is to this “Electro Dance Whatever” what the blues is to everything else. It always comes back to the source………..Sa-Ra = the present and future BTW

  3. Sa-Ra = Way too over-rated

    Those guys have been in the music biz for a long time and have dropped music behind the scenes that fit with every current trend.

    They are just riding on the dilla wave until hits shore and dissipates. They will jump on whatever is trendy. Those guys aren’t the trend setters. They’re the trend rapers.

    • Wow. Sa-ra riding the dilla wave???? I can name at least 10 producers riding the “Dilla wave” but they are definitley not in that category. Have you actually went through their catalog? If so, you would know that statement makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Listen to “Nasty U” and tell me where you’ve ever heard a song like that before it. Or “Changes” or “Star Warz”, I can go on for days…….come on son, get real.

  4. Dance music has been around for decades, its hardly a new thing.
    In the UK we had the rave scene in the late 80’s early 90’s.
    Just because a few hip hop heads are getting into it lately doesn’t mean ‘underground hip hop genre’ is gonna die.
    The fad will wear off and they will move onto something else.
    On a side note, that chick talking at the start is hot…lol

  5. Hip hop is dying and it is its on fault and part of the time we live in nobody buys music anymore so therefore you will earn money touring or shows and there is absolutely no comparison to a club playing electro house dirty house etc to one playing hip hop. Crookers and justice, steve aoki tracks completly blow any hip hop beat made in the last 10 or so years(beside doughnuts and that a milli beat) out of the water. Hip hop isnt progresive anymore at all. The reason it was so much so in the 90s was because it was a new sound. Now we have all heared a james brown break and nobody cares anymore except some old heads bitching about skinny jeans. I still love hip hop but when i go out i want to dance and see some girls and the ratio at some house show compared to a hip hop show is seriously no bueno. It also seems to me todays hip hop is for disney channel and mtv kids IMO.

  6. @Silas

    go out and dance with the peerddy gurls. You sound like a 15 year old bitch
    who dosent care about the hip hop. You must be listening to the wrong kind of hip hop if you think its for disney channel. Do the research and then talk little man boy girl.

    • no hip hop doesnt care about the culture since what 96 ? Its relegated itself to studio gangsters trying to make music a tween will buy because there hustlin and its all about the money, the only thing you gave me was your opinion . . . the only thing i didnt mention was exile and his work with blu under the heavens was great and still sample based production. But i will got to house show and dance with girls listen to progresive beats and you can go see slaughterhouse with a 99% male ratio wearing a fitted

      • Yo silas, why are you even here on a hip hop website if its so disney channel?
        Correct, hip hop is still a new genre, but cmon, you didnt even mention how the industry is fkn up MUSIC in general…not once…
        You didnt mention how fans have a microwave mentality…
        You sound like 1 of those guys who used to DIE for hip hop only because it was the new thing, so I wouldnt expect someone like you to ride for the cause…
        Hip hop got fkd up ALOT along the way, true, but it didnt start getting “funny” until everybody else from all over started joining in…
        there used to be a code, ethics, rules…
        commercial rappers were a NO NO…didnt get cool until biggie freaked it and money came…
        But in order for you sweet in the ass dudes to stand a chance to compete you had to make excuses and whine & complain about rules and hip hop & NY…
        just listen to the south cats…thats all they talk about is NY hatin on them when NY is farthest from their problem…
        listen at the new age suburban kids, they speak as if hip hop is just 1 aspect, The streets, why? cause they ALWAYS went by what radio and mtv tells them! Half of them 1st heard rap trough yo MTV raps!SUBURBAN KIDS ARE THE MAIN REASON WHY STREET RAPPERS GOT RICH!!
        They went from baggy boss jeans and timbs to skinny levis and vans just cause everybody else is doing it…
        You used to be terrified of blacks and “the hood”… now you think its all 1 big joke cause the struggle has been commercialized to no end…
        how many white dudes have you seen wearing a Du rag? lol…
        exactly…just doing it to do it, not knowing why you wear one or WHEN to wear one…or where the ‘style’ came from…
        You believed everything a rapper said, EVERYTHING, cause you had no grounding on what an MC/Emcee actually does…
        You didnt listen when they told you hip hop is the culture, rap is the music….
        This was not intended for you, EVER…your just…here….
        suburban kids used to buy up ANYTHING hip hop, ANYTHING violent, ANYTHING talking about the black experience in america, yall bought up Hammer, vanilla Ice, Tone Loc, Young MC, Run DMC, yall even bought up Public Enemy!!! Thats suburban america for you!!
        You guys went complete ape sh*t with hip hop while the other half went goth with your black hair and black fingernail polish…
        They have no REAL connection to the lifestyle, its intriguing more than anything!
        Hip Hop comes from nothing and it was created from the struggle.
        Aside from that, you cant hold some rich kids attention for that long, not without the typical “riding through the hood with my 9 on my lap” song…
        thats what he wants, he could care less about empowerment or positivity….
        All you care about is the beat and what everybody else thinks, which is typical, and also why people like you dont buy hip hop anymore….

        *And if you DO NOT go back and re loop that ol “funky drummer” every once an a while….again, why r you doing this? why r u even here?

  7. When I listen to some good selling “HipHop”production lately, I sometimes think “why they using that synth sound, i didnt liked in the eurodance crap 10 years ago???” Its like US hiphop discovering eurotrash from the 90th.

    This shit is old skool already! same old 808, same old synths….

    why everyone say, this is innovative and new?

    • Exactly.
      Its an easier way to box and market the “hip hop sound”.
      You stick a bunch of generic synths and generic drum kits into some affordable software and you get a million & 1 over night producers and beats that all sound exactly the same…
      I think hip hop is on some hermaphfrodite, hybrid sh*t right now…
      And as long as it stays that way they can do what they want with it…
      plus it keeps guy like silas on the dance floor…..

  8. SILAS appears to have a point.
    Whether some of you want to accept it or not .

    There seems to be no energy in rapmusic right now. NONE.

    And NO the point was not about dancing, but perhaps
    about the restrictive nature of any culture.
    Almost every type of music before rap got repetitive and cliched.
    Guess whose turn it is right now?

    The new technology (internet and cheap beatmaking programs)
    has had and will continue to have a effect in the way we potray music.

    You see what kinda effect the change in technology had in the 80´s when the culture blew up.

    Now imagine that wave million times stronger.
    With implications ranging from good to bad and all that in between.
    Welcome to 21th century.

    [no, the music potrayed here does not impress me whatsover]

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