Dr. Dre HP Beats Audio Laptop Commercial

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  1. and that snippet of beat that we heard ladies and gentlemen is the most we will hear from dre for another 2 to 3 years.


    • damn right bitch niggas if its not a mac take it back. who the fuck came up with this new idea to make every other kid a music producer too. fuck you dr dre

  3. That Bi di bi di beeeww had me ROLLING for some reason!! I dont know why I found that so funny!

    Dre beat was hot too! (I’m assuming its a dre beat, but knowing dre there is literally no telling, lol)

  4. BTW that was Stat Quo in the booth as dre’s “NEW” artist. lol Stat was signed and released by the time this commercial came out, lol.

    Dre goes through talented artist like he goes through beats.

  5. yeah, Yeah…

    and yes, that is most definitely the manager from Flight of the Concords…he was probably mixing down his newest remix to “Leggie Blonde”

  6. “Yeah, we tore the computer apart and rebuilt it so my music will sound like it’s supposed to.”

    So its just a cheap laptop with an up spec’d sound card and a Dre logo on the lid……and sold at a massively inflated price

      • It’s true, while Macs are good it is publicly known that they have they highest margin on their products. You are paying for a good laptop, but your also paying extra for the brand.

        • unless you wait until your University bookstore gets a crazy surplus and marks them down like crazy…that’s how I’ve bought any of my Apple products…student discounts are the only way to go!!

          • now that I’ve revealed I’m a college student, I realized that my last post should have been given the good ol’ college proof-read…some pretty poor grammar goin’ on here!!! 😀

      • Hate to say it, but this thing will kill any mbp in perfomance. If you go with a high end envy, o even a regular elite mobile workstation by hp you can get an i7 quad with 6 gigs of ddr3 13333mgz with a firepro graphics cad, or Quadro FX for under 1800 bucks. Dude, with a mbp you cant even get that kind of cad perfomance.. EVAR. So.. Spend your extra two odd grand ontop of 1700 for a unibody design. Just dont complain to me when you spending too much for software that should be free and hadware that is still weaker then mine at 1700 bucks canadian and your macbookcrap craps out on you.

    • cheap laptop? Dude it has an Intel Core i7, 1 GB graphics card, 6 GB of RAM and a 7,200 rpm hard drive. This ain’t no Walmart laptop.

  7. if time is money and you dont want shit to crash and you dont want viruses get a mac trust me 2 hours into a mix or session and that shit freezes up you will want to jump out a window, but if your just using Fl to make beats and tracking at a studio or pre production set up a cheap ass laptop is the way to go. Plus there is a ton of cracked plugins for pc.

  8. got a PC and MAC internet and serato on the Mac recording on the pc, if theres no internet on a PC it works wonders!

  9. Lol, that shit was weak! It’s almost as if the longer we wait for Detox, the less amused I become with the lil’ musical snippets. I’m sorry, I’m a grown ass man, I don’t need to be teased, save that for those bitches still salivating over a now almost decade removed project that has simply lost its luster and allure. He can drop it whenever he wants, but please do not make out every supposed Detox leak to be “just the hottest shit you’ve ever heard!” Please spare yourselves any further embarrassment or groupie school girl comparisons, because I guarantee you; by now; Dre could care less whether you like what you’ve heard. He can keep his Detox, just show me you can still put out successful artists without compromise and I’m all good with individual projects.

    • ^^^Bwahhaaaahhh. Get pissed because people are excited about something. Being jaded is played out, man, don’t get mad at people for finding some joy in life. One of my first tapes was “Straight Outta Compton”. My boy ordered the f**king Compton hat and locs outta tha back of “100 Miles & Runnin”. I don’t give a shit about Andre Young, but Dr. Dre…? That man is a genius. He is one of the best producers to touch this earth, in any genre of music. And you’re on here getting mad ‘cuz people want to hear more music from him?! Really?

      • No Sir, not mad at all, please believe me it is not worth the time nor energy. I am simply saying that there are those of us who are tired of being teased and would like for Dre to simply put up or shut up. Point Blank. As far as indulging in being pissed about people finding “joy out of life”…Hmmmmm, perhaps you took this post a bit too personally. But thank you for your history and why you love what the man does. No doubt, he is indeed a genius. If you have any further inquiries as to “why I’m so mad”, lol, I can oblige you by email and show you that yes, being jaded is played out, but please don’t assume anything about my character when you don’t know me. Salaam. “Keep the love for the music alive, all this other shit is irrelevant!”

  10. Hassan olu! I have gotta agree with ya. LOL. I love Dre and everything he’s done but seriously! Why so many extreme delays!?

  11. I will say that I wish I had a Mac. Ableton is a beast on a Mac, its just beastly on a laptop. As much as I brag about loving it. It has crashed during a performance. That never happened on my G3. My Mac died, I went back to this wack Compaq Laptop.

  12. Dre is known to not be a very public person. With the recent commercials he’s been in for the various endorsements he has this could only mean Dre is in the process of reintroducing himself to the public for this album to drop. Like everybody else I’m tired of waiting for this record to surface and my expectations are way too high due to the wait.

  13. Let`s do amazing/ How about “Lets Do Expensive” or better yet LETS DO DETOX! Can we have that instead of a expensive laptop?

  14. I have a PC. Never crashed. Never gets viruses. I edit videos (short ones). Record music. Photoshop, Illustrator, Spin with Traktor, and use Internet. I really dont get the argument. Mac just has better marketing. They got all of you guys to buy into it.

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