HP Envy Beats Notebook Additional Details


HP has revealed more details about its Envy 15 Beats notebook, which bears the name and endorsement of Dr. Dre.  The super glossy black notebooks share the color scheme of the Monster Beats products along with a highly optimized audio system, Traktor LE software, Audio2 DJ interface, and nightvision VGA webcam.

High quality does not come cheap, so get your wallets ready if you plan to grab one. Shipping October 22nd, HP Envy Beats notebooks also feature a starting price of $2,299.

[via Dvice]

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844 thoughts on “HP Envy Beats Notebook Additional Details”

  1. true,true,… cheap marketing, and believe me: dre himself is working with a mac too. he’s just getting enough money for printing his name on this product.

  2. I can get a good laptop and some good software for 2 grand, they trippin, but if you got the cheeze, grab it

  3. I think i am the only one who feels this won’t be/isn’t a scam. lol
    Then again Dre hasn’t put out detox yet.
    But he did release some dope ass headphones.
    Dammit. I don’t know what i feel. lol

  4. the same people hateing on this overpriced laptop, well be sucking dre dick when detox drops… but i do agree, i rather get a mac no doubt….

  5. “the same people hateing on this overpriced laptop, well be sucking dre dick when detox drops”
    wtf? is not possible to dislike one thing and then like another? I don’t see what hating on this laptop has ANYTHING to do with like detox.

  6. Y’all trippin on this Mac shit… if Dre would’ve linked up w/ Mac their laptop would be 4000 easy. Mac’s are completely overpriced. Good machines, no doubt, but completely overpriced. You spend 2000 on a macbook you’re not getting the optimized sound card, Traktor LE software, or the Audio2 pre rigged interface. Just my twin coppers ($0.02).

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