The Electro Wars Documentary (Trailer)

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  1. I love electro, but it seems like its just a fad the blogs have taken too. anyone else see it being this popular in 2 years time?

  2. Ibin – this is exactly why I went on my crusade with this film. I asked myself the same question. The concept of the film was inspired by a blog post written by Carles, the creator of the Hipster Runoff. He posed this very question almost two years ago.

    The funny thing is, the artists themselves don’t know how to answer this.
    It’s an interesting study.

    • Trailer looks promising indeed. Hope you show some songs without blurring it out every second and instantly move on to the next flashy trash shot as in Justice’s & Soulwax’s docu. But yeah, keep it up! When does it come out?

  3. This is not electro..this is something diferent…pum pum pum pum…sounds like a dance music with more synths, nothing else…only Q-Bert know what he talking about…the other djs need to study more old school sounds…

    I don´t like it .

    DJ Hb

  4. yell it’s not the electro that i grew up on, but i’m old so what ever. but when i think of electro, i think of most of the west coast kats that took a page from soul sounic force, and joints like pac jam, johnzon crew. then you have the west coast kats like unknown, early dre, egyptian lover, roddy o joe cooley. to me that is electro at it’s base. I know things have to grow, but alot of it sounds like house to me now.
    Can’t wait to see the movie, and hear some more thoughs from the kats that are in the movie.
    where can i get a copy of it?

  5. I always referred to this as Electronic Dance music…like QBert said, electro is basically the what Afrika Bambaataa put out, and I KIZ-One is right too…that west coast sonic sound w/ the funk flavor is what electo is…cuz George Clinton used to call his music electro funk b’cuz of the use of synths in his records and that was the backbone to the iconic g-funk sound.

    Anywho, I like the vid tho…I really want to watch it because I love the Electronic Dance scene w/ artists like the Bloody Beetroots, Teenage Bad Girl, DatA, Chromeo, A-Trak, Boyz Nooize, The Presets etc. So it’s like a must watch for me.

  6. “electro is basically what Afrika Bambaataa put out”
    I agree, this is not electro, this is dance music with some “rap”.

    I´ve always hated the european disco music, but i like the early experimental electronic and good electronic hip hop.

    Like someone said, “the american rappers have spent too much time in european discos and they have taken the worst of that music”.

    It reminds me of that wacky euro-beat-italo-disco hits. They only want to sell more records.

    I respect all musicians but dont try to sell us that techno-extasy-pills-eaters like an evolution of hip hop.

  7. yeah Q’s on the right track, but Kiz-one knocked it on the head in the comments,…

    lets see jonzun crew in this piece,.. Dave Storres, Eqyptian lover from the west coast,.. to may too name!… even look outside towards the UK, Japan and Australia i think us outsiders took more attention to liner notes sometimes,..

    im from Melbourne Australia, i grew up from 6 years old listening to The Streetsounds Electro tapes, Ice T, Kid Frost, Jonzun, Mantronix,…. thats how i seen electro,… Wilsden dodgers aaawww sheit..etc etc etc

    p.s and as for planet rock,.. well Australia was responsible for the Fairlight sampler that Arthur baker and Uncle Bam used,…

    theres one in sydney on display in the museum, ive taken alot of internationals too check it out,…

  8. Word this aint electro like other heads have said, electro to me is hashim, knights of the turntables (who dont get enough props), cybertron, etc etc.

    Its like when that new style of dance music came out called breakbeat and people would say of theres a breakbeat night on and i would be like, word?! that sounds dope to hear some breaks….then u go and its some house type steez…

    But at the end of the day these are just tags for music….

  9. I’ve said that least 558776 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

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