Showbiz & DJ Premier Preview Beats + Talk Production

612 thoughts on “Showbiz & DJ Premier Preview Beats + Talk Production”

  1. Couldn’t really here what they were talking about but the music says it all really
    those beats SMASH!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for putting it up.

  2. NOTHING bangs like a SHOWBIZ beat. Don’t believe me? Check his iphone doing the kansas city shuffle when the bass kicks…Been a fan since Giant in the Mental…WILL be copping this when it drops! (Please press it on vinyl!!!)

  3. Two of the greatest to ever do right there.
    Some dope beats Show was playing.
    I couldnt really hear what they were saying, but the beats were talking loud and clear.

  4. now THAT’S the Showbiz that made me wanna produce..(i don’t know what he was doing on that earlier video, maybe he was high or something).

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