DJ Premier & Chairman Mao @ RBMA

339 thoughts on “DJ Premier & Chairman Mao @ RBMA”

  1. @Hmmm, looks like RBMA took it down for now. It was a pretty funny one w/ Egon. They talk about about how thrift they were in making LPs.

    @Akmed, EZ. it’s not about enthusiasm, it’s about total respect. Imagine you were flown all the way across the world, and you suddenly were in a room with 30 other ppl listening to Primo? That was in fact the 1st day of the academy, on a Sunday and cats were still bewildered/in disbelief let alone jetlagged.

    The party that night was LEGENDARY. There must be some footage somewhere… (Sept 2007, Toronto @ Revival if you care to look)

  2. the word R&B was there in the 60s already.
    but back than it was a collective name for all black music in america i think
    i have a vinyl that says something like “Greatest R&B” from 1972.
    it has Soul but also Jazz instrumental music on it.

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