DJ Premier

DJ Premier Interview @ Fat Beats Record Day

DJ Premier discusses the role of vinyl and DJ’s in the creation and prolifration of authentic hip-hop music.  Primo also touches on critics, upcoming projects, and more. Notable Quotes: "We still make the vinyl because I still like vinyl.  It’s a little more costly out of my pocket, but we don’t care, we do it … Read more

DJ Premier On Passion, Money, Music Business Trends

DJ Premier reflects on 22 years in hip-hop and the legacy he desires to leave.  He discusses technology, marketing, and music business trends, musical integrity, and the importance of independent hip-hop.   Primo also reveals clues about the size of his record collection and advice for up and comers.

Notable Quote:
"Passion always overrides money and everything else.  The money comes with the passion."

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DJ Premier HipHopTV Bulgaria Interview

Never mind the confused host and his poor interview skills… it’s always good to hear Primo’s views on music and production.  This time around DJ Premier tells the story of stealing records from a Texas church, his preference for DJ’ing over production, and the challenge of creating instrumentals with limited means and equipment sample time.

DJ Premier Talks Etiquette, Illmatic, American Gangster

DJ Premier talks about the making of Illmatic and proper etiquette when not using tracks for a project.  A little dirty laundry is aired about Jay Z’s American Gangster album along with a request for another Nas album with the original production lineup. [via Primo]

DJ Premier x Peter Rosenberg Live Interview At 92YTribeca

Peter Rosenberg and DJ Premier unite for an evening of music, conversation, and a tribute video dedicated to Premo and his acclaimed body of work.  The evening also features Hot 97’s DJ Quiz spinning and band Igmar Thomas and The Cypher.  Visit 92YTribeca for more info… the low $15 ticket price makes this an event … Read more