DJ Premier

DJ Premier x Ludacris In Studio For Theater of The Mind

Hold on to your turntables and get ready to make a dash for you samplers… DJ Premier steps in studio with Ludacris.  In this clip DJ Premier rips apart a Ludacris vocal snippet with his classic cuts and goes on to talk about Luda’s standing in the history of MC’ing.

DJ Premier Speaks On Guru, Vinyl, And Classic Hip-Hop

DJ Premier talks about his original name Waxmaster C, the importance of preserving elements of original Hip-Hop, and talks about which Gangstarr album is his personal favorite.  He even goes on to lightly address his relationship with Guru and his signature sound.  Gotta love Primo… when pressed about how large his vinyl collection is he … Read more

DJ Premier Speaks of Starting His Label And Remaining Independent

WaxPoetics Radio, Scion,  and DJ Monk One bless us with an interview as Primo speaks about selling his home to start HeadQcuarterz studios, major labels ruining Hip-Hop, and his decision to start his own label Year-Round records.   He also talks about importance of maintaining the culture, remaining independent, and the state of New York Hip-Hop.  … Read more

Vinyl Giveaway w/ KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip

It’s about that time for another vinyl giveaway… this time we’re gonna hit off (2) lucky readers each with an exclusive, limited edition copy of the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series featuring KRS One, Common, and Q-Tip. Smirnoff Signature Mix Series Vinyl: "Criminal Minded ’08" – KRS One (Produced by DJ Premier) "The Light ’08" – … Read more

Throwback Production Video: Making of Illmatic

Always yearning for nostalgia, here’s the making of a classic.  Hopefully this will inspire some folks to make their own timeless compositions. This promo video for Nas’ Illmatic illustrates the making of the album utilizing stories from the producers involved with the project.  Besides a 20 year old Nas, Highlights include a young DJ Premier, … Read more