DJ Premier

Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier Live At L.A.’s Crash Mansion

Here’s an event for the ages… Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier as they go head to head in  a monumental DJ battle live at L.A.’s Crash Mansion.  Primo sets is off with Steve Miller Band’s "Fly Like An Eagle" while Pete Rock uses his turn to heat up the crowd with James Brown’s "Funky Drummer".  … Read more

DJ Premier Reveals The Methods Behind His Madness

A little something to help you get through the week… Get your iPods and notepads ready as DJ Derezon and Illfated smash to pieces a mix of DJ Premier’s finest concoctions.  Not only do we get a mix of Primo’s best beats, but he also breaks  down the stories of making classics including "Nas Is … Read more

DJ Premier Interview: Sampling And Label Politics

Lend an ear as DJ Premier talks about other genres of music, the evolution of sampling, and his education through original music.  Primo also gets into label politics, promotion, and the benefits of being an independent artist.  Pay attention to  some of the names dropped during the conversation… much can be learned from a little … Read more

DJ Premier In Studio With Termanology

Take a quick look into studio life as DJ Premier and Termanology record vocals while sipping a Beck’s.  Normally beer on the mixing board isn’t allowed, but we all know that Primo operates by a whole other set of rules.

Gangstarr Original Samples Collection

Here’s another taste of the crates to keep you satisfied. All of Primos sample selections are tough, but for me the killer was Steve Davis “It’s All Because She’s Gone” used on Gangstarr’s “The Planet”.