Deric “D Dot” Angelettie On Ghostproducers & Mentoring Kanye West

A five-part interview with producer Deric "D Dot" Angelettie as he explains his view of hip-hop, climbing the label ladder, and his work with the Hitmen.  Other topics include becoming Mary J. Blige’s tour manager, mentoring Kanye West, and ghostwriters/ghostproducers.

Notable Quote:
"My opinion on the ghostwriters/ghostproducer thing is that to those people who have done it or feel like they are a part of that, I’m sure that it exists, but it only exists because you let it exist."

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No I.D. Talks Candidly About 808’s & Heartbreak

Producer and Kanye West mentor No I.D. discusses checking his ego and his initial disagreement with the creative direction of 808’s & Heartbreak, then curiously backs away from any further positive or negative comment about the project. Notable Quote: "I didn’t agree with it at first, but when it was done I agreed with what … Read more

No I.D. Interview: Favorite Producers, Beattapes, Scoring Movies

Producer No I.D. lists his all-time favorite producers (DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, RZA), the concept of truly loving music, defining sounds and their eras, scoring movies, and remaining a student of production.  He also touches on his opinion of producer beattapes and discusses his philosophy behind personally working with an artists to craft a personalized … Read more

Kanye West On DJ Premier’s Production Legacy In Hip-Hop

Peter Rosenberg chases Kanye West down an elevator and through a lobby to get his thoughts on DJ Premier’s significance in Hip-Hop and music as a whole.  After running down a quick list of his other favorites including RZA, Timbaland, and Pete Rock, he goes on to talk about Primo’s legacy and possible future collaborations … Read more

Kanye West Studio Pics Reveal Gems

Respect to Concrete Loop for dropping  a collection of Kanye West studio pics.  Nice to see that Kanye is still using the Ensoniq ASR-10, Akai MPC 2000XL along with a MacBook Air, multiple MacBook Pros, and enough synths and racks to make you go insane.  Notice the NES clone covertly lying in the background. Head … Read more

Kanye West Talks Production w/ Smack DVD

An older interview with Kanye West as he talks about his process of making beats, tweaking records, track pricing, and producers lacking talent.  Later on he talks about the state of Hip-Hop, issues with 50 Cent, George Bush, and more.

Notable Quote: "My third string beat is on another level."

Respect to syx22 – Part 2 after the Jump

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