Kanye West On DJ Premier’s Production Legacy In Hip-Hop

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  1. No mention of J Dilla? I’m very disappointed, I feel like Kanye got most of his technique from his school of beatmaking.

  2. Funny… I’ve personally never picked up J Dilla’s sound in Kanye’s work. Then again, if Rosenberg hadn’t cut off Kanye during his comments who knows who he may have listed. I’m sure there were a quite a few people that he just didn’t have time to mention.

  3. @Paul

    I think Dilla was just a motivation for Kanye, Not necessarily one who used his technique. But I’m sure he would have mentioned him, his quote is on the the cover of the Donuts album.

  4. Kayne is known for the sped up samples. That came from RZA. His drums are a touch of primo with a dash of pete rock. You know what I’m saying I was just reading the alchemist cookbook.

  5. ok ok…kanye has said before in an interview that he used to steel Dilla’s drums when he was first gettin in the game because Dilla’s drum programming was so second to none. rip dilla dawg

  6. @Fan

    He also took Dre’s drums too. but i think the conversation should have ended at Big G. He said it best.

    And to add to Big G’s comments, Kanye’s “mentor”, NO-ID, also helped mold Kanye’s sound, along with inspiration from RZA like you said.

    God Bless Music.

  7. Who cares where drums come from?

    I even sample the drums from new radio-poprecords if it has a very unique drum on it i feel like i dont have. You wont even notice it in the mix.

  8. Yeah he did use the Xxxplosive drums on the whole of college dropout I think. And you’re right it doesn’t matter a bit where they come from as long as it works. I can’t hear that much of a Dilla influence stylistically in kanye’s beats to be honest. Thats not to say he didn’t take from him technically, cause as someone above said he did program drums like no one else.

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