Freddie Joachim Organology Podcast – Production Tips + Tricks

Freddie Joachim and company sit down for the Organology Podcast # 11 where advice is given for new producers.  I can’t say that I agree with everything, particularly the advice to blow through cash on random records (portable turntable is a must), but there are plenty of gems including learning to play an instrument, reading music, software options, and even a slight rant against quantizing all your sounds and samples.  Watch the video = save lots of time and frustration.

870 thoughts on “Freddie Joachim Organology Podcast – Production Tips + Tricks”

  1. WTF u cant use mp3 either use switch and convert or just import it into pt and chop it there and f buying synths or keyboards its for suckers just get a midi controller 120 bcks and buy some soft synths u get a milli more customizable sounds envelops etc. I havent been in a music house that has keyboards. Just get reason and pt arnd a g and your set. Bounce loops out of reason 2 pt tweak and mix. ITs not what u got but how u use it.

  2. oh yeah as far as quantizing things use it on ur kicks and snars but not on hats gives it that lose feeling think dilla/black milk

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