Kanye West Talks Production w/ Smack DVD

An older interview with Kanye West as he talks about his process of making beats, tweaking records, track pricing, and producers lacking talent.  Later on he talks about the state of Hip-Hop, issues with 50 Cent, George Bush, and more.

Notable Quote: "My third string beat is on another level."

Respect to syx22 – Part 2 after the Jump

127 thoughts on “Kanye West Talks Production w/ Smack DVD”

  1. I don’t support this dude anymore. His production is rediculous, but I am sick of him. I have seen him act like a bitch several times on camera, especially when he rushed that awards ceremony and dissed some guys he did’t even know, and then I saw the camera breaking incident and it was over. What kind of grown man does that shit in an airport!!???
    I usually have no problem seperating personality from craft, but here is an exception. All this dude ever talks about is how ill he is, how he is a “jordan” in the game. Where is the humbleness? I wish him continued success, but he won’t be getting my money.

  2. Kayne’s an asshole. There’s no statistics in rap to show that he’s Jordan, record sales aren’t shit, if they were than that would mean 50 Cent is the shit.

    He said he’s Jordan, and there’s a few all-stars and a lot of dudes missing shots. He’s Jordan when it comes to $ and fame, but not skills. Because there is no other Jordan and there are dude’s who can show up Kayne on production. Especially if we bring in other genres into it like he wants to.

  3. 50 cent is the shit!
    Remember he was that underground dude!
    How to rob?
    The Industry shitted on him!
    Now he’s shittin’ on everybody!
    And I’m not a 50cent fan but I overstand what he’s doing!

  4. Jordan didn’t go around talking some “I’m the shit” stuff. He was classy, respectful, and sportsman like…more like Pete Rock, or Primo.

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