DaScratch Controller Introduced By Stanton

The bar has once again been lowered for anyone looking to called themselve’s a "DJ".  Stanton has announced their new touch sensitive controller DaScratch which promises a fully portable interface capable of controlling, scratching, and manipulating audio. 

DaScratch complements any laptop and is fully compatible with Traktor, Ableton Live, Serato Scratch Live, other MIDI compatible software.

"The tactile buttons, triggers, and virtual faders can also control samples, pitch, effects, cue and loop points, and other mappable functions. Multiple finger touches can even prompt quick kills on EQ’s or transform effects on volume."

Stanton DaScratch carries a retail price of $299 and should be available to consumers sometime in October.

425 thoughts on “DaScratch Controller Introduced By Stanton”

  1. Can’t say something is corny until you try it. Everyone said FL Studio and Reason were corny and look how successful some hip-hop producers have been with those in the music industry.

  2. I’m just psyched to see something new, then again I’m not a vinyl purist either. I sympathize with those of you complaining about lower barriers to entry, but considering hip hop is just beats and rhymes — that’s not gonna change anytime soon. Once the ‘tards learn three chords they can go do punk rock, but in the meantime, everyone is a rapper and everyone is a producer.

    Still, I came into music through bass and drums, and I love to see a new version of the music interface. Producers like Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, and even RZA have dreamed about a more intuitive interface — something more direct than our existing systems. Shit, I got a buddy in Dallas who’s already got a working EEG interface for MIDI — you know it’s gonna be a few years before Roland introduces one of those.

    All change is good, all purists are also important, keep the culture authentic, but don’t expect people to listen to you, either.

  3. I’ve got to say, as a dj for over 20 years, this sucks ass! I’m all for progression, but for others, the turntable is an instrument, no different to any other, and doesn’t need to be re-invented.

  4. downstroke. I was a piano player for a long time.

    Then synthesizers came out.

    I evolved. This looks like the evolution of a turntable. May be great, may suck ass. But as artists, we should always look to evolving our craft.

  5. Some people talk this silliest assed nonsense.
    A DJ PLAYS SOMEONE ELSE”S MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How pure is that?? So is a needle that doesn’t skip re-inventing the turntable, or a heavy platter, or a slipmat? The dascratch is incredible & performs very much like a turntable. If you can kill it with 1200’s you can do the same with this. And this one will fit in the pocket of your coat. PEACEEEEEEEEEEE

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