Deric “D Dot” Angelettie On Ghostproducers & Mentoring Kanye West

A five-part interview with producer Deric "D Dot" Angelettie as he explains his view of hip-hop, climbing the label ladder, and his work with the Hitmen.  Other topics include becoming Mary J. Blige’s tour manager, mentoring Kanye West, and ghostwriters/ghostproducers.

Notable Quote:
"My opinion on the ghostwriters/ghostproducer thing is that to those people who have done it or feel like they are a part of that, I’m sure that it exists, but it only exists because you let it exist."

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  1. I aint feelin D-Dot on this he sounds mad bitter… He’s acting like making a hot beat or Hit beat is so easy…sayin 1/3 or 1/8th?? cmon give the “beat makers” a lil more credit..If kanye and his “beatmakers” weren’t needed , you would’ve never bothered with them. You would’ve turned on the machine YOURSELF, sampled and program drums and all that good stuff. but you obviously dont have the talent, or maybe drive to do it. He’s acting as if he gave kanye and whatever other ghost producers a hand out, like it was part of some outreach “help an aspiring producer”. No, it was mutual, you both helped each other, You helped him get placements, and he helped you make records. He doesnt owe you anything to come back and make records with you..fuck outta here..

  2. Im pretty sure a Hot Beat is 50% of what makes a Hot Song.
    I really think the Beat is just as important as the vocals are.
    Its 1/2 and def not 1/8.

  3. Konye’s attitude is more bitter and he won a grammy. I guess money can’t bring you happiness.Everybody’s got a ghost producer nowaday’s.So I still see what dot is saying.

    • It is the fame my dude….and everybody fightin to get their names in the history books…the problem is the fight is gettin grimier. And niggas don’t mind being imposters to get the necessary acclaim.

      Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga….

  4. What a pussy. If you produced as much as you bitched I might have heard of you. Seriously, you come across as a passive aggressive has been.

    • If you talkin about D-Dot then you need no further than look to his last big banger. Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G. He may be bitter in the eyes of some but when it was his turn up to bat between him and Nasheim, Stevie J and the rest of the hitmen contributors he banged out the juice…

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