GLC + Kanye West Making of Big Screen

1,978 thoughts on “GLC + Kanye West Making of Big Screen”

  1. No doubt Groovy…Its like that typical thing…cats get a buch of money, drink to much crystal, spend too much on shopping for clothes, and then you get songs like “your love is dangerous.” retarted. Real Hip Hop please….RAW SHIT!!!!

  2. dude is not really ghost producing…he’s just a session musician (keyboard player) was previously stated, everybody uses them..peace

  3. Its called having studio musicians, do you think when quincy jones produced michael jacksons album he played every instrument?

  4. M.Millz & Dizzle just bust somebodies ass on what role people play in the studio. Its a reason why kanye is tellin ol boy what to play….lol…thats the job of a producer, which really doesn’t have to know how to play any instruments, just knows what sounds good…..

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