Soulja Boy Discusses Recent Work w/ Kanye West

669 thoughts on “Soulja Boy Discusses Recent Work w/ Kanye West”

  1. is it just me or is soulja boy one lying mother fucker… i can see right trough him when hes talking about making beats … my son who is 3 makes better beats with his toy piano and the door when he bangs on it…

  2. Yeah this boy is tripping if he thinks Mr. West is going to use someone else’s beats to go on his album. Sorry boy is a lying sack of sh**. His beats are plain and beginner beats. Y is it that rappers think they ocan produce. They are not Diddy. Who has admitted that he doesn’t do any of the instruments he just arrange the tracks and slaps his name on it.

  3. oooooo crank that boy, oooooooo
    soulja boy is a new curse word. its like sayin to someone “you’re a motherf***cker”. instead u can say “you’re soulja boy”

  4. SB isnt liein he’s telling the truth even though i hate to say it but he did make beats for ye even ye said it in a interview he lost all of my respect with that one i will not even DL his cd

  5. at least he admits it that he likes the fact that kanye be pushing him behind on top of the console,both of them are gay F***s! lol

  6. I aint in a particular taste for Soulja Boy,

    Don’t hate the player, Hate the Game., What do you think when Corporate Teen Dreamer Pushers are in charge

    The audience is mostly just artificial music lovers, something to “Crank” or “Bump” in their Ride. It’s not really anything to introspective you know that.

    “just because you sold a million has nothing to do with luck, it just means that a million people are stupid as FUK” technique

    Hell make a battle record or something don’t go on dissing on a forum thats the gayest shit ever.

    Mr. West does have other producers on his album Barry Bonds was produced by Nottz.

  7. It’s all business of course….Kanye gotta pay for his dates with Amber and their rent, so he’ll go with what’s selling…..SB style is what the urban radio stations are playing now, for the kids.

  8. I honestly don’t think this would turn out that bad. I can see Kanye elevating Soulja Boy a little and having fun with some tracks. Who knows? I don’t think Kanye would let anything completely and utterly garbage out of the studio. His image is on the line.

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