88-Keys On Selling Records & First Meeting Q-Tip

890 thoughts on “88-Keys On Selling Records & First Meeting Q-Tip”

  1. ^ lol yeah, u can see 88 keys checkin her out too. But getting back to the interview, they should have done it in a better location, it was harder to focus on what he was saying with all of the noise in the background as well as seeing all those people go by.

  2. Oh and i never knew tip wproduced most of tribes stuff until recently as well, i had always thought dilla produced most of em.

  3. Im not into 88 keys ‘ I don’t care how good his music is .I think he’s a weirdo. We got too many weirdo’s in the game already.Plus ‘ del the funky Homosapien’ has already had that style.If you wear tight geans and a nose ring.Your gay .Konye your gay too.Ya’ll know im tellin the truth cmon.

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