No I.D. Interview: Favorite Producers, Beattapes, Scoring Movies

Producer No I.D. lists his all-time favorite producers (DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, RZA), the concept of truly loving music, defining sounds and their eras, scoring movies, and remaining a student of production. 

He also touches on his opinion of producer beattapes and discusses his philosophy behind personally working with an artists to craft a personalized and complete project.

Other topics include Kanye, Jay Z, 808’s & Heartbreak, plus up and coming Chicago artists.

85 thoughts on “No I.D. Interview: Favorite Producers, Beattapes, Scoring Movies”

  1. I wonder what No I.D. today sounds like.
    I only know him from his Com’s stuff and i have his Black Album on vinyl which is a Dope record.

    The last beats i know from No I.D. are the Succes beat from American Gangster and the already 7 year old All Around The World song which was on Jay-Zs – Blueprint 2.
    Thats 1 of my fav Jay-Z songs.
    The All Around The World reminded me of Kanye.
    I guess they where working together already in 2002.

  2. Oh shit, off course they where working together in 2002.
    I forgot all about No I.D. being Kanye’s mentor before he blew up.

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