Soulman – Come To Me Softly & Beautiful (Download)

Soulman returns!  The man behind World of Beats and Archaeologists Classics returns to deliver a double dose of professional crate digging to his legion of eager listeners.  Beautiful and Come To Me Softly, two new mixes that were released within days of each, highlight a number of Soulman’s personal phych rock, jazz, and soul favorites. Beautiful: Just playing a … Read more

Cratery Eight aka Eightery – Part 1 (Download)

Respect to Arcee, Kaewonder, and Skratch Bastid for delivering yet another volume of Cratery. Now in its eighth volume, Cratery Eight aka Eightery opens our ears to such artists Jimmy Smith, LeRoy Hutson, Marlena Shaw, 9th Creation, and more. This month, Kaewonder and I were lucky enough secure Montreal DJ and record aficionado Skratch Bastid … Read more

Hudson Mohawke – Butter Sampler (Download)

For obvious reasons, I don’t usually find myself too excited about album releases, but producer Hudson Mohawke’s upcoming release entitled Butter is one of those rare exceptions.  Fans of Flying Lotus will appreciate his labelmate’s experimental instrumental style and willingness to push the boundaries of sound. Download: Butter Sampler by Hudson Mohawke Visit Warp Records … Read more