Odd Autumn by Oddisee (Download)


Always a Crate Kings favorite, Oddissee releases Odd Autumn as the follow up to his very well received Odd Summer instrumentals.

Download: Odd Autumn by Oddisee

Tracklist after the break!

Odd Autumn Tracklist:
01 The Supplier Feat. Tranqill
02 Almost A Year Since
03 Everything Changed Nothing Instr.
04 Every Day People instr.
05 Pulp Fiction
06 Saw Myself Today
07 The Second Date
08 Grey’s Anatomy
09 Tell The Truth Instr
10 Theatre
11 Autumn Run
12 Bonus: Tell The Truth feat. Nikki Jean

[via PMOI]

651 thoughts on “Odd Autumn by Oddisee (Download)”

  1. Oddissee is a great producer but these beats are wic-wic-wack and strange. A few of em sound like they’d find a home on a maroon 5 lp, LMAO

  2. Not really feeling most of the tracks but i do sence some j dilla inspired stuff in there that i like, most of it just isnt to hip hop … alot of things sound like tv show outros and stuff like that you cant feel… maybe im not in the mood for it idk…

  3. Im a fan of oddisee, but his new odd summer, autumn or whatever isn’t even close to his instrumental mixtapes. Those we’re straight fire and these are just aight. Seems like he’s experimenting with a new style, which is cool, just not my style.

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