NPR’s On Point Interviews RZA

525 thoughts on “NPR’s On Point Interviews RZA”

  1. That is great. A whole show focused on one of the most talented, influential musicians of our time. That’s just great.

  2. He knows the ledge! the RZA is the greatest. The WU changed my life. literally. Everything that was coming out in 94 was whack..Everyone was listening alot of gangster nonsense. I came home from work and happened to catch the Mystery of Chessboxin and was immediatley hooked. I used to take yellow art paint and make my own Wu-Tang shirts….this was before Wu Wear. I cried when ODB passed. I am the biggest Wu-Tang fan ever!

    Thanks for this post…No I don’t need to go to church…..

    I will just listen to this again…

  3. I feel the same way you do fadal.I just wanna hear more beats and less knowledge lol
    Im a big wu fan too ! Rza is my favorite producer of all time.Next is timbaland then the neptunes next all the copycats out there feel me.

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