Alex Goose – The BluePrint 3 Outtakes (Download)

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  1. the site is slick and the beats are cool, but i’m just gonna throw this out there – how do we know this isn’t a publicity gimmick? if he was gonna sell them to jay, why suddenly turn and give them away? all respect to mr. goose, but something doesn’t make sense here to me.

    either way, its a slick beat tape, nice release.

  2. Tracks sound aight. Dude just found some sick samples and straight looped em and threw a kick and snare over it….

    Go to [link removed] hear how you’re SUPPOSED to sample.

    • Ripping someone else is no way to promote your own material and myspace page. However, you’re more than welcome to properly submit an instrumental collection of your own for reader scrutiny.

    • Aight?….I’ll admit that Hov wouldn’t sound right on em, but you got admit that some of em was sexy…lol. I thought at least 2 tracks was hot. If dude wanna chop and loop em up….then let em do it. Mad producers at one point or another did something similar….take a look at Ski Beatz…..simple ass loops and filtered piano chords….but it’s hot.

      “Wasn’t really too much…but the shit wuz hot!!!…..Next time….Ima break down Camp Lo’s – Lucini”…..LOL.

  3. I was asked to submit beats to Supreme Clientele, Straight Outta Compton, and the first Blueprint back in the day. Obviously, my beats never made the cut but Dr. Dre said I should make them available for free download. I’ll post up the link soon.

  4. the blueprint 3 would have been even shitier

    nice attempt at a publicity stunt. i think it may have backfired though.

  5. I don`t think Jay would have used those any way. I think he had who he wanted in mind all along. He wanted to catch the essence of BP1,but I don`t think he did anyway. He should`ve used some of those beats. I think it would have taken him down a new avenue. But since he didn`t BP3 is a lackluster album (in my oppinion).

  6. let me get this straight. it’s called blueprint 3 outtakes, but jay-z didn’t even record to any of them? i mean did he even hear them? he just gave beats to an a&r and called his beats outtakes?
    making a website called and putting jay-z pictures all over it just adds insult to injury. i guess i respect the hustle, but it’s kinda embarrassing. perhaps think of a new strategy. the beats were average at best. don’t take it personally, just real talk

  7. Golden Void (09) is a tuff joint. But Rise (02) and Walk Away (13) are straight up bites, Ant did those [similar] beats for the Atmosphere album.

  8. Regardless kid made some dope beats. The only beat that i see on BP3 wouldve been the track “hova needs this” thats right cause Jay needed that. runner up would be “golden void”.

  9. The Mere fact that all of you are commenting on his tracks show that his business strategy worked. Remember, any publicity is good publicity. How many of you even knew about dude before this. Now you’ve all checked the website, probably told someone else about it . . . and the beat goes on.


  11. i know of dude he be at the apatch’e cafe in the atl doing beat battles and stuff the whole doesn’t make any sense but i see what he’s trying to do.

  12. You know, he flipped the samples nice. But if all else fails he can get Slug to spit over the tracks and call it You Can’t Imagine How Much We’re Having (The remix album). Maybe Ant can lend him some records.

  13. Personally, I think these beats are sick, and really nicely packaged. I don’t know how authentic the story is with regards to Hov’s people saying he should put this out, but considering Jay Z seems to promote the idea of dudes remixing his projects (The Grey Album, American Gangster etc), I think dude may have the first of many BP3 related releases.

    All those saying that production wise this is weak need to listen again, AG’s got some real bangers on there!

  14. Dope marketing strategy. Hats off to dude, maybe he’ll be the next Dangermouse or something. The beats are more or less average to me, but so there as good as anything on the Booprint 3, which is a severely sub-fucking-par album to be from someone who’s supposed to be the Don of this rap shit.

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