Deep Crates 2 – Beat Dawg Films Review

As a huge fan of Deep Crates, I was practically drooling in anticipation of reviewing this film.  So when I received a copy of Deep Crates 2 in the mail a little while back, I became so excited that I actually didn’t want to watch it.  I know it sounds a little strange, but like … Read more

Dynamic Producer – The 10 Track Commandments by Felisha Booker and Ingenious

The great thing about running your own website is the voice and audience that is provided.  With the start of Crate Kings, I have been given the opportunity to write and inform others about all the great things that I run across while at the same time advising readers about products and services to stay … Read more

Beat Kings: The History of Hip Hop Directed by Mathematics – Review

This hasn’t really been getting the best reviews around the net, but for some reason I still headed down to my local Newbury Comics and managed to find a copy of Beat Kings: The History of Hip Hop.  Filmed, produced, directed, and scored by Wu-Tang Clan’s Mathematics, this film documenting the history of Hip Hop … Read more

Book Review – Making Beats: The Art of Sample Based Hip Hop

It is fairly tough to find decent information about diggin’ and sampling and I usually can’t stand to read sholarly material about Rap/Hip Hop by such people as Sociologists or Ethnomusicologists. However, despite moments of cringing, such as the author definition of a “break” and what “digging in the crates” means, Making Beats by Joseph … Read more

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About Crate Kings

Crate Kings is an urban music production news website written primarily by Semantik with occasional contributions from DJ Trends and a number of very generous readers. Updated daily, Crate Kings delivers news about DJ and producer battles, software updates, equipment releases, producer interviews, music industry conferences, and more. With each update Crate Kings seeks to … Read more