Dynamic Producer – The 10 Track Commandments by Felisha Booker and Ingenious

The great thing about running your own website is the voice and audience that is provided.  With the start of Crate Kings, I have been given the opportunity to write and inform others about all the great things that I run across while at the same time advising readers about products and services to stay away from.  One of the organizations/products that must warn others to stay away from is Dynamic Producer and the book The 10 Track Commandments by Felisha Booker and Ingenious. 

After hearing some interesting things from a producer friend of mine about Dynamic Producer, I plunked down my $39 membership fee and joined the site.  This turned out to be a big mistake and waste of money.  The membership provided me with an already well known difficult to sample list, a few business documents, and a mostly technically nonfunctional forum. 

The highlight of the site is the ability for unknown/unconnected producers to submit work for major projects.  Members are encouraged to send in a beat CD to Dynamic Producer (DP), which may then be submitted directly to the artist/label for review.  In this respect, membership to the site is worth it if you to take advantage of the many opportunities.  On the other hand, although I’m sure the staff is quite credible, there is no guarantee that your music will be heard or that it will be treated confidentially, . 

Perhaps the most aggravating part of the membership was being placed on the member mailing (spam) list.  Upon enrollment in the site, you immediately have access to the member mailing list and the ability to inform everyone about events or project that you may be involved in.  Unfortunately, my email account was bombarded daily with people advertising their Myspace page or promoting their upcoming single or album.  After mentioning the abuse of this feature to the owner, Felisha Booker, I was reprimanded about the purpose of the list and the “opportunities” that are offered to all the members along with the suggestion that I be removed from future mailings.  The real shame is that my Google spam blocker could not defeat the numerous daily mailings until finally my membership expired and I became free of the DP email curse.

After reading a positive review in Scratch Magazine, which I have now determined to have been highly disguised paid advertisement, for their 39 page book/manual The 10 Track Commandments, I made another mistake and spent $15 plus $5 shipping (The postage printed on the envelope actually showed somewhere in the area of $2, but who’s counting right?). 

What I received was an extremely thin and small pocket sized book with a nice cover.  Inside I found very large print with many blank pages amounting to a long advertisement for the dynamicproducer.com website, complete with an enrollment form.  In an effort to save the time and money of less wasteful readers, I will summarize the contents:

  1. Constantly read and learn about equipment, sound theory, and music business.
  2. Keep yourself open to different opportunities and be sure not to box yourself into one field.
  3. “Practice makes perfect” – Can you believe this is an actually quote from a chapter title?  Nuff said.
  4. Make friends and network with other producers, musicians, and organizations.
  5. Cultivate relationships with those in your network.
  6. Plan, organize, and correctly manage your artist/label meetings.
  7. Make sure that you business affairs are in order.  A no brainer in this day and age.
  8. Effectively manage the perception and image that other may hold of you.
  9. Think outside of the box.
  10. Exhaust every possibility at your disposal. 

These so called 10 Track Commandment made a total of 33 pages. with the remaining six being blank or filled with nonsense thanks and drivel.

To be fair, I have not had the opportunity to attend any of the producers conference that the organization has promoted.  However, I hope that they were better than the resulting publication and I’d be curious to hear the experience that others have had with either the website, book, or conference.

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  1. That’s funny I just joined DP same day you posted this article. I don’t have full experience with the entire site, nor the spam yet.. but my opinion so far about Dynamic Producer is that you are paying $40 for 1) the industry opportunites 2) their annual conference and 3) any additional info on their boards. With those 3 points in mind, I got exactly what I expected. If anyone expects to get anything more than those 3 points, then they will be dissapointed. With any “industry opportunity” sites, there is NEVER a gaurantee anyways… example: TAXI for songwriters.. so its up to the user to decide if they think its gonna be real or not.

    The one thing I was hoping it had more of, however, is beat critiques (not alot of replies and feedbacks), beat battles and sample flipping battles (non-existent). What I do like is the industry discussions because some of the users actually have major label cuts and they talk about the business dealing with them, like how much you can except to be paid and also how its paid..

    All in all, my first impressions is that I got exactly what I paid for.. 12 months of possible industry opportunities for $40. And yeah, don’t buy the book lol

  2. I have to admit, some of the conversations were very good, but I’ve also found the same quality conversation on other free sites around the net.

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