Frank Dukes vs Hannibal @ 2009 Red Bull Big Tune Finals

Red Bull drops official promo from the 2009 Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle that recently took place in Atlanta, GA.   Hosted by producer Vitamin D, the video features interviews with finalists Hannibal and Frank Dukes (winner) along with footage of the final round. Again, congrats to 2009  champion Frank Dukes!  Although competitive producer events … Read more

Best Kept Secret Red Bull Big Tune Profile

Production Duo Best Kept Secret takes us inside their D.C. basement production facility.  They cover inspiration, the creation of a track, and their views on the current state of production.

Their story, while inspiring, does have some rather disturbing elements with one member stating, "I make music because for one I have a passion for it and for two… I’m broke.  I need to get my family in a better position."  He also goes on to add, "The music business is definitely not the same anymore, but I still think that there is plenty of money left there for me to come get."

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