Frank Dukes vs Hannibal @ 2009 Red Bull Big Tune Finals

Red Bull drops official promo from the 2009 Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle that recently took place in Atlanta, GA.   Hosted by producer Vitamin D, the video features interviews with finalists Hannibal and Frank Dukes (winner) along with footage of the final round.

Again, congrats to 2009  champion Frank Dukes!  Although competitive producer events are primarily exercises in crowd entertainment, it’s a relief to see that masks and on-stage antics do not necessarily trump musical capability.

897 thoughts on “Frank Dukes vs Hannibal @ 2009 Red Bull Big Tune Finals”

  1. Congrats—-humility over hype. Hopefully samples are allowed in the next Red Bull for all us crate diggers

    • “Humility over hype”? Hannibal killed that place all night & not with theatrics but with dope ass tracks! How else do you suppose that he made it to the finals?? Though I guess I can’t blame you if that’s what the video shows.

      Props to Dukes cuz his last joint was insane!


        Just found this video on youtube from the Red Bull Big Tune beat battle. It’s Hannibal vs Nicademus – I was there & this might’ve been beat of the night (either that or the last boon doc beat!)

        Hannibal may have lost to Frank Dules last beat but he killed it all night long.

  2. I was there for this, the dude with the mask is a joke. There was not one beat he made that anyone would want to potentially spit over.

    As for sampling, half the producers up there DID sample. I dont get it. The dude with the mask sampled COLDPLAY for christ sakes. That is not hip hop…

    • Well, apparently YOU dont know what hip-hop is….look back over hip hop history..what does sampling COLDPLAY have to do with anything? Hip Hop is a lifestyle of creativity and diversity. Since when has it been a rule that a certain group can’t be sampled? It wouldn’t matter what this dude sampled. Either you liked his beats or you didn’t…I stood in the crowd and listened to the responses..I actually heard alot of people cheering “the dude with the mask” on…where were YOU standing?

  3. why is sampling Coldplay not Hip Hop? Who gives a fuck WHAT you sample, as long as you flip it and make it dope. I mean I sampled a Heman record the other month and made some crazy shit. Hip Hop in it’s essence is about breaking the rules, remember? Thats how it started with Kool Herc turning the turntable into an instrument and taking a 6 sec drum break or whatever and needle dropping that section to turn it into a 3min. jam.
    People keep trying to put Hip Hop in a box and at the same time are keeping the artform from evolving. fuck that.
    I was impressed with some of the shit Hannibal did that night…. he took a video game sample (think it was contra or some shit) and made a banger.
    But in the end Frank Dukes deffinantly smashed him with that last beat.

    Overall though, I thought the quality of alot of the beats were so so

  4. I was there that night & Hannibal was the there that played hot shit the whole night!!!! That place was dead & I was getting ready to dip then he played that crazy video game shit (i thought it was Castlevania!!!)

    That video edit is retarded! The crowd was chantin BOTH their names in the finals but all you hear is them chearing for Frank. That edit aside, Hannibal & Dukes killed that shit all night.

    Mr. 12

  5. Why can’t you sample Coldplay?! Since when does hiphop put a limit on what can & cannot be sampled? Kanye sampled Daft Punk & Just Blaze sampled that yodeling techno record but this cat Hannibal samples Coldplay & you got a beef? If you said you heard it & it was wack, I’d give you benefit of the doubt, maybe but I saw the video from Red Bull New Orleans & that Viva la Vida joint he played was awesome!!!! I rap & you could give me that shit right now!!! By the way, Swizz Beatz & Drake both rapped on coldplay joints plus Jay Z & Kanye did songs with em but I guess that’s not real hiphop either. Let the genre progress, dick.

  6. Don’t let that mask fool, Hannibal murdered everyone all night. I was photographing in VIP all night & he was easily the most consistent producer in the contest. And Mr. 12 is right, that video edit is not true to form.

  7. Frank Dukes is a beast!!!!! He did Talkin in Codes for 50 on the war angel lp. He also did “respect it or check it” on 50’s forever young mixtape. And a gang of joints for Joell ortiz! He’s got consistent heat!

  8. “it’s a relief to see that masks and on-stage antics do not necessarily trump musical capability.” That’s the most biased journalism I’ve ever seen from a HipHop site. It’s like watching FSN queitly throw Obama under the buss…Sad.

    PT is right, congrats to ALL the contestants that made it to the finals in Atlanta. This is your moment, gentleman. Enjoy it.

    Winner Frank Dukes – Toronto

    Runner Up Hannibal – New Orleans

    • As a site that primarily focuses on music creation, Crate Kings has zero tolerance for nonsensical distractions such as costumes and rolling around on stage. Neither have absolutely anything to do with hip-hop beatmaking or production skill and to allow anyone to believe otherwise would not be unbiased, but irresponsible.

      Regarding your comparison to FSN, you’ve clearly missed the mark. Unlike FSN and other news networks that have clearly made the decision to allow political opinion to dictate reporting, Crate Kings has made the firm commitment to encourage all hip hop influenced production styles regardless of personal musical taste. In general, this site steers clear from advocating any particular style, the musical equivalent of politcal opinion, while taking a clear stance as to what constitues acceptable standards of behavior.

    • It seems that the mask was just an addition to the beats dude had. It was no different than the people who had certain phrases on their T’Shirts..EXPRESSION…
      Wouldn’t you consider that to be a part of this particular producer’s expression and creativity?
      Most of those producers danced and put on a show when their beats came on. Don’t hate on dude for adding a different element to his show.

  9. This video ain’t right! I was their and dats not not how it went down. Props to all the producers, especially Boon Doc and G Mo (they had the BEST 1st round!) but all this Hannibal hatin’ has some of yall lookin suspect. He had the hottest joints all night and Dailybread, I was rappin on his & Dukes beats all night.

    • I gotta back you up on this one… i wasnt at the beat battle but i saw what Hannibal did over in New Orleans, plus i heard some of his beats on a personal level, to say that he is joke and he is wack and all this other non sense is interesting…. Hannibal is that dude wen it comes to the beat, and like i said i wasnt there to judge, but yall killin my dude for no reason at all… AY HANNIBAL give me and Joe a beat we’ll blaze it and show these nay sayers wat it really is

  10. I was at the contest, and that dude Hannibal was probably the most musical one there. The dude from Houston was nice musically too, but Hannibal easily had the most musical, most versatile tracks there…..He played hip hop shit, southern shit, and he even had some pop shit in that Mike Tyson Punchout joint…. If you don’t like the fact that he put on a show for the people, cool. But how did musical capability win out? Funny thing is, I thought Frank Dukes was nice, but musical capability didn’t win out. Come on man…y’all gotta do better than that…

  11. I hate to say it Semantik, but I slightly agree with Head Ache…although your reply is very eloquently written…

    I understand , but not agree, with your zero tolerance for showmanship. It has nothing to do with making tracks, but has everything to do with putting on a show, which is what the Red Bull contest was. Semanik, were you at this contest by chance? Now if you’re going off of the video, I could see you saying what you say. But I have to think that you weren’t actually there… Because I thought that just based on beats….Hannibal was the class of that stable of producers. And this wasn’t really close. I saw that the mask and the showmanship rubbed some people the wrong way. Hell, that shit threw me off at first, but after a couple of beats, I was sure he would win.

    • Thanks for the reply. No, I wasn’t at the event and can’t make any informed comments (not that I would anyway) about the quality of his beats that night. I’m obviously forced to make judgments about his visual performance based on the available footage.

      I didn’t say that I had zero tolerance for showmanship, but, of course, showmanship is a matter of preference and opinion. Given the circumstances of the competition, it came across as more than being a showman and instead somewhat clownish.

        • You’re trying to say that Red Bull is making Hannibal the beat animal look like an idiot but it seems like Hannibal is making Hannibal look like an idiot! I mean what has he ever done before? The winner – yea, he’s done tracks with 50 cent & Drake! All I found on Hannibal was a joint with the 5ive? Who are these cats? Some lameass Atlanta super crew..ROTFLMAO!!!

  12. Yea @ Semantik, you obviously were not there cause the video does not accurately portray what was happening when he did all that. There was actually a different beat playing other than what they synced with his “performance” when he was battling Dukes. Hard to explain what was actually goin down, but it was dope.
    As far as costumes, I guess yall got no tolerance for Doom, Parliament Funkadelic, Afrika Bambatta, etc. etc.
    Who gives a fuck what package it comes in, as long as its DOPE!

    No disrespect btw. I deff. check this site often, yall got alotta dope posts. Respect.

    • Why are we talking about costumes as it pertains to a beat battle? The reality is that a wack southern cat lost to a dope east coast cat. If the video doesn’t prove it, the placements should!

      • I’ve read this particular post a million times and I’m still trying to figure out what the SOUTH and the NORTH has to do with anything…that’s ignorant as hell…are you basically stating that all producers from the south are wack? You asked th question, “Why are we talking about costumes as it pertains to a beat battle”? Well take a moment to ask your self why you pointed out the fact that this particular dude was from the south..focus on the beats..and just to keep it 100…that “dope eastcost cat” had ONE hot track…the rest of the tracks were average….and that’s what a good number of people in the crowd were stating…

  13. Come on! There was some serious editing done on this vid! I was there & Hannibal was killin it thru the whole show! Crowd was jus as crazy over Hannibal as Frank Dukes at the end! In fact, Hannibal was the ONLY ONE who got that consistent response from the crowd! They jus went crazy over that last beat u saw in the vid cuz Frank finally hit us wit something hard and finally displayed some swag (versus lookin all timid the rest of the night) by steppin out to the front of the stage! Not to hate on Frank cuz I’m from Detroit too but all his ish sounded the same thru the whole battle! The only beat he came wit that was fiyah was the one at the end! People can criticize Hannibal’s “antics” if they want to but dont hate cuz he is an entertainer as much as he is an incredible producer! There were several points in the battle when the crowds energy was dead and Hannibal’s presence brought it back up every single time he played a new track! He was CONSISTENT and he was versatile and he displayed tru musicianship and is clearly the most creative one of them all! Mask or no mask, he was KILLIN these dudes 4real! People that were there could see that, so pls dont hate based on a clearly over-edited video intended to show that “real hip-hop” aint dead by hyping up a dude jus becuz he continuously reuses the same typical hip-hop loops in all his tracks! Hip-Hop is a multi-faceted movement across the world, so why are u people limiting its scope? Why cant a dude like Hannibal be a great hip-hop producer just because his tracks actually have dynamic multi-layered instruments, build-ups, bridges and break downs? Jus like Hannibal’s fans were accused of favoring him bcuz of his showmanship and not his beats, I contend that those that are accusing him of not having talent are judging him unfairly just because he actually has PERSONALITY (whether u cared for it or not)! You are the ones who have totally disregarded the tru measure of a talented producer (which btw is far more than a just a beat-maker)!

    • No disrespect to you but that cat Hannibal is f*ckin’ lame!!! How you gonna argue that he’s this musical genius or whatever but (like Semantik said) he’s rolling around on stage like a monkey & wearing a mask..?!?! What does that have to do with REAL HIPHOP???
      The truth of the matter is that a real producer from Detroit smashed this wack cat from the South. Not tryin’ to disrespect New Orleans but aside from Jay Elec, nothing good has come from Louisiana in like, 10 years.

      Semantik is right; Hannibal is garbage & he lost to a REAL musician!

      • yall apparently SLEEP in hannibal beats…..when you start speakin sense and WAKE UP, then we might care for your comments!!! but for real, keep yalls tunnel vision on good music, and we’ll be up on this bridge lookin down!!!

      • Wow youre a fuckin idiot! Would you like to debate real musicianship, cuz most of Franks beats are totally sample based, and theres nothing wrong with sampling, but you have no grounds for attempting to diminish the musicianship of either of this cats. they both went in, they are both great producers, and in the end someone had to win. Frank won. Awesome. But to turn this into some fuck the south shit, you can eat an old bag of dicks. Do you really think we dont fuckin hate Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, and other trash like it. The south doesnt decide what comes out of here, the record labels do. You have NO IDEA, NONE, about who we are and what were about. Our region fuckin invented American music. Blues – Mississippi Delta and Jazz – New Orleans from which all american music came. At very least be respectful. No disrespect to you, buttfuck your opinion.

      • First of all, Dukes aint even from Detroit, he’s from Toronto and happened to enter the battle in Detroit!!! And not that it makes any difference, jus like it doesnt matter that Hannibal is from the South! I’m curious to know what ur expertise is in determining what a “real producer” or a “real musician” is. Clearly u were not there becuz the video was obviously edited in a way to make Hannibal look like a “clown” as you put it… with the likelihood of appealing to people like you with a narrow perspective of what a “real hip-hop producer” is. If you were at the battle you would have heard much more musicality than what this video portrays and as for the theatrics, the audience actually responded very well to his performances…..Sounds like u are playin off of Sematik’s comments (who by the way admits he wasnt there to draw an accurate judgement on the quality of Hannibal’s beats or musicianship) to support ur own bias’ about Southern producers. Oh and btw, if u were there, and had a real ear for music, you would have witnessed Hannibal’s versatility in that he was rockin beats that ranged from southern influenced to west and east coast influenced. He’s actually a music producer, not just a beat maker. This is Red Bull Big Tunes… not “Red Bull What is Real Hip Hop”… Hate on ’em if ya want to, but Hannibal had the real Big Tunes on lock! In the end, we’ll see which producer will have the most successful career in the real music industry which is where it counts! Hannibal will def be able to hold his own in the studio with WITHOUT THE MASK!

      • sound just as ignorant as Bul-Dada..If your position is to focus on the production, then focus on the production and eaze up on the disrespect you apparently have against the south…oh and by the way ..were you there to hear all of Franks beats? You couldn’t have possibly been there…

  14. I had no idea the contest was that biased.. seems slightly pushed toward the frank cat cause i heard ALOT about the politics behind the scenes that night..
    there was ALOT of hate involved.

    • The only bias in the contest is that Red Bull even allowed that clown Hannibal the beat animal in the contest in the first place. If he’s from New Orleans and the final is in Atlanta, OF COURSE he’s gonna make it to tghe finals b/c the south was supporting the south! Real music won that night, not that trash that comes from below the Mason Dixon.

      • Oh, go listen to some DOOM already and STFU. All that yang about East Coast Hip-Hop, what was the last classic album to come out of the East Coast scene? Lemme guess, you’re gonna cream your panties about The Blueprint or some shit. Yawn.

        Note, I’m not dissin’ East Coast Hip Hop, just the “real Hip Hop fans” who keep making this a regional issue. Half the time it’s a bunch of fuckin’ hacky-sack playing dreaded-up white boys who attend private colleges and worship the ball sacks of Bob Marley and ODB…

  15. “Although competitive producer events are primarily exercises in crowd entertainment, it’s a relief to see that masks and on-stage antics do not necessarily trump musical capability”.— Judging by this statement alone, I can tell that obviously someone was biased while giving their opinion. Since we are in the business of giving opinions, then I will give mine. Hannibal should have won. In MY opinion he IS the best.

  16. It was a great event & ppl shouldn’t focus on the video. Frank, Hannibal, Marcus D, & J Mac were the best 4 guys there all night. Props to all of em & props to Red Bull.

  17. first just wanna say congrats to frank…..beyond that, if u was at the battle then you know who was destroyin EVERYONE in his path…..Hannibal is a beast, and since when does it have to be a certain beat to be hip-hop?? it was what it was a beat BATTLE…. yall complainin about hannibal take yall sensitive asses on somewhere!! consistantly hannibal destroyed, and there were some behind the scene factors that played a big part in who won that night. there were alot of dope beats that night, but we know who really cleaned house!

  18. It seems as if I rubbed some of you the wrong way. What I was getting at earlier was that Hannibal wasnt as original as Frank Dukes. I love sample beats, but i dig in crates…not my itunes library.

    A lot of the samples he used were already hits in the first place, so where is the creativity? As for the Coldplay thing, he didnt flip it. He looped it and added some hard drums. Frank had dope ass beats, more creativity, and was way more humble.

    Id like to see Hannibal do the beat battle at apache, Id like to see what the A&R judges say about his beats.

    Summary: Both producers were dope but I had a lot more respect for Frank.

    • I met MF’Ntertainment (Hannbal, Ace, & Johnny Brasco) a few years ago in Atlanta, GA, ironically, at a producer battle at the Apache cafe. Ace Wonder was in the crowd & Hannibal was on stage. He ended up losing to Drugs that night in a closely contested battle but ended up winning it the very next month in a rematch. According to the MF’N myspace page, they’ve won 15 beat battles in 9 different venues & that’s not including the Red Bull contests.

      I think it’s very easy to get rubbed the wrong way by the mask & the showmanship but at the end of the day it’s supposed to be about he beats, right? I was at the Red Bull contest & Hannibal the beat animal played both samples & original tracks all night. I have spoken to Hannibal on a few occasions about taking the mask off so people don’t marginalize MF’N as a unit but in the end, it should just come down to good music, right?

      That’s just my 2 scents

    • So the records from the crates you are diggin in were never hits at one point? So u and Frank Dukes get more points for creativity and originality just because your beats use older samples? Please tell me how that makes sense? You are giving examples of a couple current songs that Hannibal sampled in some of his tracks but completely disregarding that several of his tracks were actually played out on real instruments or at least sampled instruments, and had rises and falls and layered instrumentation and real melodies! Thats true musicianship and true production. Takin an old sample that you lifted from a throwback record doesnt constitute “more creative” or “original” than that… sorry…..

      As for Frank being more humble, I must say he came across to me as a real cool dude and I respect his persistence in coming back countless times until he won, but his personality is jus more laid back than Hannibal. You dont know Hannibal enough to know how humble he is off the stage. You dont know how persistent he has been in crafting and re-crafting his music and his stage image to get as far as he has gotten. He is in the music business, i.e. the entertainment business…. he should get extra points for keepin the crowd hype and interested in what was happening on stage when the energy levels were fallin through-out the night! He should get extra props for showing his creativity all the way around, from his beats to his persona….. Come on people, Frank deserves much success for his skills and his humble personality, but the hatin on Hannibal is so WACK and I blame Red Bull for contributing to this WACKNESS with this horribly edited video intended to ridicule a dude who deserves the glory of at least being recognized for a RAZOR CLOSE finish!

    • Damn, that’s strange..I DID actually meet Hannibal at a beat battle done at the Apache earlier this year…and ironically…he slaughtered his whether you dig crates, archives, or dirt..creativty is creativity..point blank..

  19. First, just to second one of DJ MC Microphone’s comments, those who try to bash the South musically, or New Orleans specifically, need to get to steppin’ right fuckin’ now, because you know NOTHING about the history of American music. Jazz? That’s ours, baby. Rock & Roll? Not solely ours, but where do you think Fats Domino came from? Funk? OURS, via the Meters. Hell, read the liner notes to the Bob Marley box set, you see that even Reggae was heavily influenced by NOLA, since Bob himself said he listened to NOLA radio in Jamaica. Go beyond NOLA, and ask yourself this: what do James Brown, Sly Stone, Ike Turner, and George Clinton all have in common? They’re from THE SOUTH. Add those cats to the Meters and that’s about 90% of the backbone of all funk right there Go ahead, try to imagine Hip-Hop without James Brown. Not fucking possible.

    Even more fundamentally, Congo Square in New Orleans is the place where African drumming entered into the American musical vocabulary. It was the only place in America where slaves were allowed to congregate and play music together. Everywhere else, music by slaves was suppressed and forbidden because of the fear that it would be used to stir up or assist slave rebellions (which was true, consider field hollers). Congo Square was also unique because the slaves coming into New Orleans were largely coming from the same region of Africa, Senegambia, and had more cultural commonalities than was seen in other slave communities. So the beats that were played in Congo Square are directly traceable to Senegambian rhythms. And those beats are the cornerstone of EVERY r&b beat, every funk beat, every Hip-Hop beat, and most of the rock beats. It’s that important. None of the things you enjoy about American music are possible without Congo Square.

    Moving past the typical anti-Southern bias, this whole notion that showmanship is somehow not Hip-Hop is absolute, total irredeemable BULLSHIT. What were the four elements of Hip-Hop in the begining? DJing, rapping, breakdancing and grafitti. What is breakdancing if not pure showmanship? Where those cats spinning on their heads because they DIDN’T want to entertain? And what was the entire purpose of the emcee in the beginning? To get the crowd hyped up, keep them interested, “rock the party.” How is that not all about showmanship?

    • I hate when these “southern intellectuals” try to defend themselves by pointing out great music from yesteryear. Of course James Brown is a musical genius but & yes, he’s from the south but how can you extend that to Gucci Mane? How can you defend Plies or, dare I mention, Mr. Hit dat hoe from Houston?

      The South has been slowly desecrating hiphop for over a decade & let’s not even start on New Orleans’ lack of contribution. Mystikal is a convicted rapist, Turk’s in incarcerated for shooting at police, & C-Murder is an actual murderer!!! I won’t even begin to touch on Lil Wayne’s delusions of granduer as the “best rapper alive” (seriously?!?!)

      As for Hannibal the beat animal and this video is concerned, it looks like he obviously lost to the better man, eh.

      • Since you saw fit to put “Southern intellectuals” in quotes (and, BTW, your third grade grammar teacher asked me to remind you that one should capitalize Southern), one can only infer that you see something contradictory in the idea of an intellectual from the South. Believe it or not, we have institutions of higher learning down here, and some of us actually attend them, all the way through law school or other doctorate-level programs. So you might want to back away from assumptions of Southern ignorance, lest you find your intellectual dick caught in a metaphorical pencil sharpener.

        Now, as to the “substantive” portions of your little rant, clearly Southern rappers are the only ones who have ever been accused of or convicted of any crimes, right? Because we all know that there weren’t any gangstas, thugs or hoodlums involved in Hip-Hop back when it was a Bronx-Brooklyn-Long Island thing, right? And the West Coast cats, who emerged before the rise of Southern Hip Hop as a dominant force, those guts were angels, weren’t they? Everybody was pure like Jesus’ bath water until those nasty Southerners got involved? Do you even pause for a moment to ask yourself “Will I look like a total douchebag for saying this?” before you make a post?

        Regarding the South’s lack of contributions to hip Hop (as you put it), gee, we were so tired after we gave you all of the musical foundations for your entire fucking genre, we had to stop and catch our breath. We’re resting. Inventing blues, jazz, funk, r&b and rock was hard work, you know?

        Further, it’s hard to see the logic in you saying we shouldn’t talk about past contributions when the bedrock of Hip Hop was built on existing records (most of which we made). It’s always been a backwards-looking genre, just by its very nature. Or are all of the “crate diggers” spending there weekends looking for some shit that was recorded last year?

        Those of us who take up for Southern Hip Hop don’t necessarily do it because we love the ignant shit you hear on the radio from our regional brothers. There’s a whole lot more going on in the actual musical scene, as opposed to the “industry” scene, than what you can pick up on just by listening to whatever Clear Channel station happens to clog your local airwaves. If the new stuff we’re working to develop hasn’t found an audience yet, that’s fine, but don’t presume to know what kind of work we’re doing down here.

      • All of this is hilarious…ignorance doesn’t need to be defended..and I can only suppose that you’re speaking in reference to musical content.. so rappers such as Gucci Mane and Plies get placed in the same brackets as Cam’ron, FlavorFlav, and Jim Jones…so what can you say to defend them? Grow sound real ignorant and immature..production is production and how did you go from speaking about beats to artist and their lyrics? There are ignorant rappers in the north and the south…people “desecrate” themselves no matter where they’re from…just as you did when you typed this mess…

  20. Anything to take focus off of what really happened during this entire event…

    It’s a shame when a mask and entertaining can produce that much hate in people. People fear what they do not understand, and clearly this is the case. Some people do not understand what it means to be a GREAT musician AND have a GREAT performance as well.

    No disrespect to ALL of the producers there, but this edited clip clearly shows this Cinderella type story for someone who does not need to be portrayed as such. Neither does it need to portray this crazy, “rolling on the floor like a monkey” villain (which by the way is highly disrespectful). But, alas, it’s doing exactly what it was edited to do… SPREAD CONTROVERSY!!! You’ve got two different producers, two different styles of displaying their beats… end of story. I sincerely hope you realize that by commenting it attracts more and more viewers, whether you do so in a positive or negative manner, so do not assume you are doing either of these producers any harm, you’re helping them out…

    Furthermore, for those who have gripes about the south, particularly New Orleans, I advise you to please do your research about this metropolitan city, as well as the rest of the state itself. I encourage you to check out such websites as and see exactly what this “no talent” state has been up to. Perhaps you will discover Dee-1, Arianne, Kennedi Rayne, Syreeta Neal, Ian Von, Elysian Fieldz, Tre Virdure, JT The Singer, Kade, GMOE, Jae’Elle, the list goes on and on. There is soooooo much talent in New Orleans, and I ask you to please just sit back and watch because there are several artists that are releasing albums, singles, and videos in the next year.

    • EXACTLY! People DO fear what they don’t understand. In my opinion, the ones who are always throwing around this “thats not Hip Hop” comment so easily are the same ones who are holding the culture back. It’s like if the music doesn’t fit into they’re little box of what is “Hip Hop” then it’s bullshit.

      Also, I’d rather someone actually show some emotion that they like what they created rather than stand there acting all hard and shit. What happened to having FUN?!

  21. Ok so I am speaking as a person that was actually there at the contest, and let me say that Hannibal rocked the night. There were actually quiet moments in the crowd from other producers, because they could not hold the audience to pay attention. Just playing a beat and looping it over and over again does qualify as a BEAT but in no way does it showcase your PRODUCTION. There is a difference between a beat maker and a PRODUCER. Hannibal and MFN are PRODUCERS, and please appreciated the brotha’s stage perfomance to make the crowd happy and keep it hipe. If you cannot look past the mask, then perhaps you (all of you and you and you) should listen to the music page, or the Michael Jackson tribute they put out, they have REAL music and REAL MUSIC is them.

    These brothas are showing you that Lil Wayne IS NOT THE ONLY HIP HOP TALENT OUT OF NEW ORLEANS!!!!! These guys lost everything in that water Katrina that still haunts us all, they worked HARDER than everyone up there because they came from nothing to battling producers that already have placements. They represent hip hop back in the day when Hip Hop was hungry and did whaterver it could to get noticed!!!

    Recoginze them for making it this far, one love MFN rep our city!


  22. Ok…. So I missed this battle, but I’ve been at many many battles over the last few years that Hannibal has been at, and he kills it everytime winner or not. The mask goes to show you that there is no relation to the face, just the music. You don’t “like” what you hear because you see him in the streets, in the clubs, whatever. You just like or in some cases dislike his beats. He’s had some real original shit and most of his sampling is ridiculous.

    As far as the sampling goes, I’m gonna drop some truth for those of you who think you know music

    Hip Hop starting with Emceeing and Deejaying, Spitting Rhymes over Records, There was no “original beats” that defined hip hop as that. It had nothing to do with Genres.

    • I’m not sure what all you guys are thinking about but this guy wearing a mask & doing his best MC Hammer impression on stage is NOT REAL HIPHOP!!!

      Semantik, please stop letting these people post on your site. Musical morons, I swear!

  23. Damn heated discussion here. I happen to know personally that Hannibal is a very talented cat that works with a very talented crew. I don’t give a damn if your bucket nekked doing a handstand while you play your beats, the music is the only thing that matters, who gives a crap if he’s got a mask and a dance.

  24. Damn this was a hot ass contest to be at!!!! To all the naysayers, Hannibal did kill it all nite. I think you could argue that he DID lose in the end but he was mad entertaining & his beats was killer! Props to the winner and RED Bull for keeping hiphop alive!

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