Night Owl Record Show (Portland, OR)


Billing itself as the "nation’s first night time record show", the Night Owl Record Show might also be able to take the title as the first 21+ vinyl event with a 21+ lounge.  With early bird admission beginning at 3pm, Night Owl offers a welcomed change of pace to those accustomed to the typical crack of dawn record show start times.

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Record Rama: The Worlds Largest Record Collection (Video)

Record collector, store owner, and archivist Paul Mawhinney is credited as having the largest private record collection in the world.  With over 1 million albums and 1 1/2 million singles the Library of Congress estimates that only 17 percent of the music in his archive is available on CD.

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Eliot Lipp Causes Analog Gear & Record Lust

Producer Eliot Lipp talks about his start in music and takes us into his studio to show off his crazy collection of analog gear including: Jomox XBase-09 MFB Synth-II Plan B modular synths Atari Synthcart Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Wurlitzer Electric Piano I love his attitude about making music for yourself and completing instrumental compositions.  There’s … Read more

DJ Frank Digs Vinyl In West Africa

Truth be told, I struggled about whether or not this video should be posted as I take serious issue with its undertones.  Regardless, it’s an interesting video following DJ Frank as he travels through West Africa digging up wax. [Respect to MT]

Library Music Explained & Unraveled

Times online drops a tiny taste of the history of Library music, roots in television, and its resurgence as a genre.  Not a bad intro if you’ve never heard of it before, but these joints generally don’t come cheap, so don’t get too involved unless you have the deep pockets to support a serious record … Read more

DJ Z-Trip: Record Digging & Starting A Label

Z-Trip touches on the importance of having style and a deep record collection.  He mainly refers to live DJ’ing, but it’s not hard to figure out that this directly applies to production as well.  Later ideas and advice are given about starting an independent label.

Brooklyn Record Riot Footage

I wish that I could have made it out to this event last month.  Unfortunately, there was a slight logistics issue which prevented my pursuit of dusty fingers and vinyl hoarding.  Looks like some serious digging was going down and at least one improvised record wall.

Kon & Amir Diggin @ Sound Library, A-1, Big City Records

XLR8R TV takes us on a digging mission in NY’s Lower East Side with deep crate wonder duo Kon & Amir.  During the trip they we’re given a brief history of the 45, and a rundown of their most sought after records all while revealing some of their favorite digging spots.

Nicolay Lists Top 10 70’s Albums

Beatsmith Nicolay hits us off with his version of what a Top 10 album list should look like.  The usual suspects like Abbey Road, The Mothership Connection, and Rumours are covered, but he didn’t hesitate to throw in a surprise like The Beach Boys’ Surf’s Up to keep us scratching our heads. Check the full … Read more