Night Owl Record Show (Portland, OR)


Billing itself as the "nation’s first night time record show", the Night Owl Record Show might also be able to take the title as the first 21+ vinyl event with a 21+ lounge.  With early bird admission beginning at 3pm, Night Owl offers a welcomed change of pace to those accustomed to the typical crack of dawn record show start times.

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National Vinyl Record Day – August 12th (Invention of Phonograph)

That’s right Crate Kings family… this Tuesday August, 12th we’ll all have the chance to join in and celebrate Vinyl Record Day.  Those begging for a bit of trivia will be happy to know that this also happens to be the day that Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877.  According to the Viny Record … Read more

Eliot Lipp Causes Analog Gear & Record Lust

Producer Eliot Lipp talks about his start in music and takes us into his studio to show off his crazy collection of analog gear including: Jomox XBase-09 MFB Synth-II Plan B modular synths Atari Synthcart Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Wurlitzer Electric Piano I love his attitude about making music for yourself and completing instrumental compositions.  There’s … Read more

Library Music Explained & Unraveled

Times online drops a tiny taste of the history of Library music, roots in television, and its resurgence as a genre.  Not a bad intro if you’ve never heard of it before, but these joints generally don’t come cheap, so don’t get too involved unless you have the deep pockets to support a serious record … Read more