A-1 Records: Inside The Vinyl Vault

Face masks are a must.   One of the world’s premier vinyl spots, A-1 Records opens the doors to its basement archives to reveal some of the never before seen stacks of music treasure. The store’s vinyl specialists explain the significance of A-1 Records within NYC and tell tales of encountering producers, crate diggers, and music fiends … Read more

Records Documentary Gives More Reasons To Chase Vinyl

Aaron Howell and Sharon Shattucks’ short documentary entitled Records covers a quick history of records, the pressing process involved in their creation, and explains the many reasons why otherwise normal people spend a greater portion of their lives chasing after vinyl. The video includes quick snippets of interviews with DJ’s, collectors, and even the production … Read more

The Resurrection of Vinyl Continues

AM New York and ABC News have taken notice of the recent rise in vinyl’s popularity.  LP sales have risen while those of CD’s and digital formats have decreased.  Reasons cited for the trend are collectibility, personal meaning, sonic differences, and the cool factor.  Of course, none of this is news to Crate Kings readers … Read more