Before Music Dies Examines The Creation of Sheep Music

Here’s something to make you think twice about the music you’re creating.  The documentary Before Music Dies examines the music industry’s mass marketing, radio consolidation, and factory style creation of pop stars and sheepish music.  Attitudes of fans, artists, and industry insiders are explored as the film’s creators attempt to shed light on often unspoken … Read more

Questlove’s Digital Crate Digging

You thought you were the only one having some fun with digital digging? Notable Quote: "Aiight, hit me back in a second. I gotta make a beat man, I’m hyped."

Questlove – Recording Rising Down, Compression, Synthesizers


Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson talks about the Roots, their process for creating tracks, mixing skills, and specific recording techniques used to attain the sound of Rising Down.  There’s even info given of Quest’s use of the Neve compression plugin- by URS where he reveals that, "I probably got obsessed with using it for the same reason that Erykah Badu did, which she pretty much got from J Dilla, who got that idea from Madlib."

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Questlove Speaks On Proper Planning

Roadtrip Nation did a segment quite a while back with Roots drummer/producer Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson as he spoke about drumming at the age of two, practicing 3 to 5 hours per day, starting out with the roots, and the decision not to attend Juliard.  He also touches on long term goals, current pace of working … Read more

Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson On D’Angelo & Soul Music

Believe Magazine gives us an amazing older interview with Questlove speaking on such topics as purposely listening to music he doesn’t like, living musical Star Wars, and buying the same record over and over again.  We also get to hear his theories about the creative virtues of crack rock, the role of Republicans in black … Read more

Questlove And Al Green: The Making of Lay It Down

Amir "Questlove" Thompson and Reverend Al Green show the making of Lay It Down.  We also get a couple of quick glimpses into the infamous record room of Brother ?  There’s some really great studio footage where Amir talks about the artistic goals behind the album and the focus of engineering the proper sound.  Complete … Read more