Before Music Dies Examines The Creation of Sheep Music

Here’s something to make you think twice about the music you’re creating.  The documentary Before Music Dies examines the music industry’s mass marketing, radio consolidation, and factory style creation of pop stars and sheepish music.  Attitudes of fans, artists, and industry insiders are explored as the film’s creators attempt to shed light on often unspoken aspects of the music business. 

Before Music Dies is definitely worth viewing if only to hear uncensored commentary from Questlove, Eryka Badu, Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, and Branford Marsalis along with an enlightening demonstration of Auto-Tune.

Notable Quotes:
"Right now longevity is determined by how much money you make and how many fans buy your records." – Erykah Badu

"People get art and commerce mixed up and once you can separate the two and see that art is art and commerce is commerce and understand that this business is commerce, then it makes that much more sense." – Questlove

"The 20 million people that buy a Britney Spears record aren’t music fans, they are popular culture fans."

11 thoughts on “Before Music Dies Examines The Creation of Sheep Music”

  1. and what do we have now ? blogs such as this nah, grandG that caters to the music that people want to listen to. What pisses me off is when people who are just fans of music want to give me advice as an artist if your so passionate about music why dont u make ur own. i wouldnt let a blind man give me advice on the outfit im wearing

    great post

  2. I clicked on this only intending to watch the first couple minutes and maybe skim through the rest, but I ended up watching the entire hour and 17 minutes of it!! Great documentary! Much appreciated!

    Erikah badu is a riot!!!!!

  3. I’ve seen clips of this movie, thru the internet over the past couple of years…its a really good film and it gives hope, that no matter what…dreams come true…

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