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Mini Turntable Speakers For DJ’s On The Run


Complete with USB charging, functional start/stop button, moving platter, built in scratching, and other effects.  The $45.99 price tag completely make this a bargain that cannot be passed up!

DJ Speaker is able to connect to any audio source such as iPods or laptops. Featuring a single speaker that is loud and do not need any power source when it is playing. It comes with an USB cord for DJ Speaker to charge through a computer. 3 variation of mixed scratches allow the user to become a DJ in a short period of time.

Go grab one and become a TRUE mobile DJ.

[via RGS]

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Technics Headshell Bottle Opener + Keychain Combo

Yet another way to show your true DJ colors and appreciation for all things vinyl and turntable-like.  For under $15 you can have your very own Technics keyring/bottlecap opener and finally offer completion to an already overgrown collection of DJ related accessories.

Crackin’ DJ 2 – Turntablist Video Game

I just ran across old footage of Crackin’ DJ 2, which was an arcade game manufactured and released by Sega back in 2001.  With all the talk of the upcoming DJ Hero game, it’s interesting to see what publishers were doing with the genre nearly a decade ago.

More video and flyers after the jump.

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DJ Hero Video Game Coming Soon From Activision


Hip-Hop fans that just somehow couldn’t fully get into Guitar Hero will now have something they can almost relate to with Activistion’s summer 2009 release of DJ Hero.  Now that DJ’ing and turntablism are officially coming of age in video games, bedroom Dj’ing will be taken to even new heights.  Soon couch potatoes everywhere will run around claiming that they know how to flare. 

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BriefCrate Milk Crate Briefcase

  For DJ’s, producer, and others on the musical side of things… Milk Crates = Hip-Hop.  The BriefCrate by Things Matter is a briefcase/laptop bag for those that can’t help showing off their crate loving roots.  2 sizes, multiple colors… get you dig on! [LL via Make]

Skullcandy Headphones x Color Mirasol Displays

Living up to their brand name, Skullcandy is dropping a little something special with their headphones equipped with color mirasol screens.  Apparently the mirasol displays are will offer a color effect similar to the shimmering of a butterfly’s wings along with low power usage. [Qualcomm via CG]

Cassette USB Hub Causes Producer Gadget Envy

Cassettes will always hold a special place in my heart right behind vinyl… they were durable, fit in your back pocket, and fun to take apart.  While obviously being obsolete, you can still have a ridiculous amount of fun reminiscing with this cassette USB hub.  Cop one and cause immense gadget envy with your producer … Read more

DIY Vinyl Coffee Table W/ 12” Wheels


Have you been wondering what to do what all those dollar bin misfires?  Being that vinyl addicts are generally a pretty inventive bunch, it’s not surprising that someone has created a coffee table made out of records.  What’s really impressive is that the table actually has four rolling 12" wheels.

[via SS forums]

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Tokidoki Turntable Watch Released!

When spinning records is just not enough!  More stylish wrist wear for the DJ’s looking to set more than just musical trends.  Tokidoki has released  their Turntable Watch complete with leather band, stylus, and skull & crossbone 45 adaptor.  Head over to Fred Flare when you’re ready to drop $175 on this little baby. [Via … Read more