Mobile Music

Best Cell Phones For The Music Biz?

Last night while waiting for a delayed flight from Providence to Chicago, I thought it would be a great idea to catch up on some overdue items that had been put off due to recent travels combined with my hatred of working from a Vista based laptop.  Unfortunately, my supreme visions of productivity were crushed … Read more

SideKick Beatmaking: KickSynth And Kick Drum XT

Back in the day I used to crave a SideKick… little did I know that they would turn out to be so much fun.  For those that did cop one, Larva Labs has created a 10 track MIDI production studio and featured drum machine to keep you busy during those hectic commutes.  I realize that … Read more

How T-Pain Singlehandedly Ruined Hip-Hop

The original title of the post was going to be "T-Pain Is the Devil Incarnate", but something hit me at the last minute and figured that I shouldn’t get biblical on him, that’s just not good karma! Still, I know that I shouldn’t blame the entire ruin of Hip-Hop on a scapegoat, but I’m from … Read more

Hip-Hop Word of the Day: Kanyego

I’m personally of the opinion that The Kan deserves his own place in the dictionary and the general public is in desperate need of a specialized term to describe Kanye West’s trademark temperamental outbursts. So, in the sake of public service we have today’s Hip-Hop Word of the Day: Kanyego kan?ye?go [kon/YEE/goh] -noun, plural kan?ye?gos. … Read more