Hip-Hop Word of the Day: Kanyego

I’m personally of the opinion that The Kan deserves his own place in the dictionary and the general public is in desperate need of a specialized term to describe Kanye West’s trademark temperamental outbursts. So, in the sake of public service we have today’s Hip-Hop Word of the Day:

kan?ye?go [kon/YEE/goh]
-noun, plural kan?ye?gos.

1. Hip-Hop producer Kanye West’s inflated sense of pride and self perceived superiority to each musician, producer, and living organism in existence since the year 0 AD.

2. Extreme conceit, egotism, or feelings of godliness with basis in music, fashion, or abilities to generate income in direct response to absurd, child-like statements.

The VMA’s… oh, that was just his kanyego acting up again.
“Five nominations… I lost to Black Eyed Peas last year man! I’m never coming MTV!”
-Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards (See video)

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