BeatSequencer BoomBap Brings 90’s Hip-Hop To iPhone

Producer, MC, and software developer Insight (Y Society) treats us to BeatSequencer BoomBap for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.   Designed for speed and simplicity, the drum sequencer features auto-quantizing, simple pattern creation, and kits modeled after 90’s styled Hip-Hop. Features:                     * A total of 85 super punchy kick drums                     * Crunchy snares, … Read more

Music Sampler iPhone Application By Core Coders

Developer Core Coders delivers another way to have a little sample fun with your iPhone.  The $1.99 Music Sampler iPhone application features 8 note polyphonic voices, 32 Preset High Quality Samples, 16 User Recordable Memories, Polyphonic Keyboard, Key Hold, Advanced Jog Shuttle Wheel, and more. Head over to the App Store to have some fun.

Records 001 iPhone Turntable DJ App

Yet another way to for back pocket DJ’s to get their fix.  The Records 001 app offers virtual needle drops, semi-realistic backspinning, and even flips to the b-side by turning the phone over.  Grab it for $1.99 over in the App Store or visit developer Delaware for more info. [via Dvice]

BlackBerry OS 4.5 AKA: Why should iPhone Users Have All The Fun?

I don’t know if anyone has noticed from the decreasing amount of posts this week, but I’ve been a little tired of writing about Hip-Hop.  Not that all the interviews and equipment releases haven’t been interesting, it’s just that I’m feeling the need to indulge the inner technophile and play with something other than samplers … Read more

Mixtikl Brings 12 Tracks of Mobile Music Creation

Continuing the recent flood of mobile music applications is the yet to be released Mixtikl created by Intermorphic.  Although we only have screenshots at the moment, Mixtikl promises to not only be a robust mobile music application, but also a full plugin and standalone desktop app for both Windows and Mac OS X.  At launch … Read more