BeatSequencer BoomBap Brings 90’s Hip-Hop To iPhone


Producer, MC, and software developer Insight (Y Society) treats us to BeatSequencer BoomBap for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.   Designed for speed and simplicity, the drum sequencer features auto-quantizing, simple pattern creation, and kits modeled after 90’s styled Hip-Hop.

                    * A total of 85 super punchy kick drums
                    * Crunchy snares, crispy hats & percussion sounds
                    * 16 step switches for editing sounds on a sequence
                    * Auto-quantizing so recorded hits always fall on time
                    * Save and load your sequences
                    * Record button to add sounds to a drum loop
                    * Eight drum kits, and ten pads
                    * Close the app and start where you left off
                    * Creating a pattern only takes a few seconds

Head over to BeatSequencer Boombap for complete info.

2,013 thoughts on “BeatSequencer BoomBap Brings 90’s Hip-Hop To iPhone”

  1. WTF? I knew Insight was a sickass MC on that Travel At Your Own Pace album but i didnt know he was on some software developing shit.
    Glad i got a iPod Touch, gonna try to get these Drums on my computer someway or might just sample em through my soundcard.

  2. dope. very dope. looks cool and interessting.
    only one thing: i absolutely can’t find this great app in the app-store. am i too dump ? help please

  3. This joint aint even in the app-store!!! I dont see it anywhere!!

    I cant find an alternative on cydia either.

    It better not cost more than beatmaker in the appstore, cuz with that you can upload sounds and program beats. Drums and instruments. This seems to be just drums. WHich is cool if the price is right.

  4. damn too bad they don’t have nothin like that for the ipod classic. They need to come out with a biger gig for that shit too. 120 to 160 ain’t shit for some people.

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