Deceptive John McCain Campaign Ads

2,112 thoughts on “Deceptive John McCain Campaign Ads”

  1. I think Semantik was just listening to that “Do Something” at the end, which is a good thing. These elections are important, and nobody has to hit play on this video if they don’t want to.

    Go Obama.

  2. This is almost a obligation owning a blog of your caliber Semantik.

    Thank you.

    Cause McCain has a huge chance to pull this off. We just can’t let him do it.

    Especially because half of the american people believe the shit he throws at them.

    Congrats to you.

    It was necessary.

    Now…back to production!!!

    I can”t believe you held off this long!

  3. Yeah thanks for posting this. Fuck McCain. For the next <2 months post anything that needs to be posted to encourage people to keep him out

  4. Without question you’re doing the right thing by posting this, I’m as cynical and over-educated as it gets but you won’t find me pretending this election doesn’t matter. IT MATTERS A LOT.

    Amen and salute.

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