SideKick Beatmaking: KickSynth And Kick Drum XT

Back in the day I used to crave a SideKick… little did I know that they would turn out to be so much fun.  For those that did cop one, Larva Labs has created a 10 track MIDI production studio and featured drum machine to keep you busy during those hectic commutes.  I realize that most people will be snatching up the 3G iPhone when it’s released in a couple of months, but for those not wishing to joint the cult of Apple, this may still be an option.



KickSynth – 10 Track MIDI Production Studio

  • Over 100 instruments
  • Up to 5 minute recording length
  • Save and load up to 25 songs in phone’s memory



Kick Drum XT – Drum Machine

  • Ability to record own sounds
  • Tempo ranges from 50 to 300 BPM
  • Ability to email beat to friends

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