DJ Mouse Creates Instant “Professional” DJ’s


It truly doesn’t get much crazier than an all-in-one mouse/DJ solution.  With the trailer promising that anyone can “be a professional DJ in one minute without the science of mixing music”, DJ’ing in a box has been taken to the ultimate level.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one having difficulty taking the DJ Mouse seriously, but I’ve got to give the company, DJ-Tech, an a nod for including a mousepad designed to resemble a turnable.  Unfortunately, the glowing instant scratch button just takes the concept way too far.

DJ Mouse Includes:

  • DJ Scratch Mat (optimized for scratch performance)
  • DJ Mouse
  • Deckadance software

Hit up DJ-Tech for complete details and ordering.

[via Oh Gizmo]

Demo video after the break!

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Custom Rodriguez DJ Tables & Booths


These hand made DJ tables and booths are sure to make any bedroom DJ or club pro feel at home no matter what the venue happens to be.  Custom built by Reynold Rodriguez, the tables are available in a wide range of exotic woods and are specifically designed to hide common wiring components.  Coincidentally, the unique designs and materials are also reflected in the product’s pricing, which ranges from $2,970 to $3,875 for the models shown.

Visit SpaceTek for more info.

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Bob Moog On The Creation of The Synthesizer

A classic 2003 Red Bull Music Academy session with the late Bob Moog, creator of the legendary Moog synthesizer.  Bob Moog discusses early experiments with electronic instruments and the generational similarities in sound design and musical evolution. 

Inside DJ Spinna’s Home Studio

I’ve personally been a big fan of DJ Spinna for over a decade and ever since first catching a glimpse of his studio inside of the book Behind The Beat, I’ve been curious as to what a closer look inside would yield.  Luckily for us, DJ Spinna was kind enough to open his doors and … Read more

DJ Machine Joystick Inspired Music Controller


Music should always be fun. Then again, it’s hard not to be fun when you’re making music using a joystick controller.  Industrial Designer Christian Peetz has designed the DJ Machine, which he refers to as the Finger Orchestra, as his entry for the James Dyson Award.

While each joystick controller is programmable, the unit also has the ability to communicate via Bluetooth.

[Coolbuzz via Yanko]

More pics and demonstration video after the break!

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Logic Studio Update Released by Apple

Mac based producers/musicians will be excited to know that Apple has released its long awaited update to Logic, which boasts a number of new features such as Amp Designer, Pedalbaord, and Flextime. The update requires Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later and comes complete with: DVD containing Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3, … Read more

NI Announces AUDIO 2 DJ USB Interface


Traktor manufacturer Native Instruments has announced the AUDIO 2 DJ interface, which is being billed as the world’s smallest USB audio interface for DJs

While promising to deliver the same audio quality and performance as the AUDIO 8 DJ and AUDIO 4 DJ interfaces, the AUDIO 2 DJ interface boasts extremely small size and a number of strong features important to those new to digital DJ’ing.

Availability is slated from September 2009 and carries a list price of $119.

Visit Native Instruments for more info about the Audio 2 DJ interface.

Traktor Parkour AUDIO 2 promo after the break!

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Auto-Tune Examined In Nova Science Now Season Premiere

Award winning astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and Antares founder Dr. Harold Hildebrand will examine the scientific basis of Auto-Tune in the premier episode of Nova Science Now, which airs tonight on PBS.  Check your local listings and make sure your DVR is set for what promises to be a unique, informed discussion of Auto-Tune voice … Read more