Logic Studio Update Released by Apple


Mac based producers/musicians will be excited to know that Apple has released its long awaited update to Logic, which boasts a number of new features such as Amp Designer, Pedalbaord, and Flextime.

The update requires Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later and comes complete with:

DVD containing Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3, Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, WaveBurner 1.6, Compressor 3.5, Impulse Response Utility, Apple Loops Utility, QuickTime 7 Pro, and required contents

Six content DVDs containing Jam Pack collections, sound effects, surround music beds, EXS24 samples, and impulse response files

New purchase: $499
Upgrade from Logic Studio/Logic Pro: $199

Visits Apple for a complete list of updated features and specs.

102 thoughts on “Logic Studio Update Released by Apple”

  1. I am sooo excited about this update. The including slicing and sampling tools look better than anything I have seen in any application.

    And they have dramatically improved the process for making Sampler Instruments, just a great update for everything I use it for, can’t wait to try it out.

  2. I’m a huge Logic fan. But I’m not really digging the new look. The tools seem amazing, but it’s looking more like Garage Band. My favorite version is still 5.0.

  3. Im just now getting into logic via logic express 8 .I HAD IT FOR A WHILE.Then one day I watched a youtube video.Seen that I could have so much more plugins than pro tools had to offer and it doesn’t lock up reasons sequencer via rewire like pro tools did.Now if I can figure out how to throw ultra beat and all that other shit in with it.I might be making beats like (The Business)Anybody know where I can find the right youtube video for this hit me up.I also have alot of useful video’s on my myspace page.Check that out too.

  4. Logic is a great program. I have been using it for a while now and I am finding it to be very fun to use. Traxx I might have the answer for ultrabeat if you have not found it already.

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