Akai Introduces MPK61 Keyboard & LPD8 Pad Controller


Summer NAMM is almost upon us, so get ready for an avalanche of new product announcements.  Like many other manufacturers, Akai will introduce a number of new products, including the MPK61 keyboard and LPD8 pad controllers.

Akai MPK61 Keyboard
"The MPK61 is a keyboard performance MIDI controller that expands the popular MPK line. Each MPK controller combines a piano-style keybed with a bank of genuine Akai Professional MPC pads, assignable Q-Link controllers and some of the technologies from the icon MPC. Producers, performers and DJs will appreciate the MPK61’s mix of 61 semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, 16 MPC pads with velocity and pressure sensitivity, 72 assignable Q-Link, MPC Note Repeat, MPC Swing and an arpeggiator."


Akai LPD8 Controller
"The LPD8 is based on Akai Professional’s MPC line of iconic music product stations. While the smallest model, the MPC500 is quite portable, many producers prefer to work with software on their computer and the LPD8 gives their laptop the controls they prefer over a mouse and keyboard. The LPD8 has eight blue light-up pads that are velocity sensitive for programming rhythmic or melodic parts. The pads can also send program-change information to software. The LPD8 also has eight assignable Q-Link knobs to which users can assign virtually any parameters in their software for hands-on control."

Readers can expect both products to be available during the third quarter of 2009.

See Akai for more info.

1,253 thoughts on “Akai Introduces MPK61 Keyboard & LPD8 Pad Controller”

  1. Damn,here we go again I got an MPK-48 (one messed up key to attached to send away to fix) its great but I use it with pro-tools so I don’t know how the hell to assign the knobs and faders I even got quick keys and controlAid I am still stumped.

    But be forewarned that bigger isn’t always better it was a real bitch to find a suitable position for the MPK and its not really portable, So make sure you take measurements and see if it can fit, go to a music store for first hand and look. This is mostly for beginners interested.

    If anyone has an MPK or any other MIDI keyboard and knows how to use the KNobs and Sliders with Pro Tools, please let me know all I can find were some 1/2 ass tutorials by some black dude with a funny voice on youtube. If I find out I will write a tutorial about it.

  2. I usto own the akai mpk 49 i dont belive it works with pro tools .it does have a mpc feel to it but a little hard to figure out how to get the best out of it presets and blah blah blah. So try the axiom pro it works with pro tools.if your not pressed about a controller working with protools then get the nano pad.Its not as small as you think and its really cool.I was skeptical before buying one but now i cant put it down the flam’ sketch pad ‘ and roll/note repeat button wont let u down either.I also have some video’s on my myspace page to show you how to make your mpc 2000xl ect work with protools VIA reason.That how I like to do it,never been a big fan of reasons sequencer but if you know what your doing you can make some GIK.

    • My God…You people know nothing about midi and CC# assignments.
      The first thing you holla..It’s doesn’t work!!! This is wrong…That is wrong..
      I shouldn’t have bought it!!! Learn your equipment or instrument!!!
      It’s a must!!!!!!
      The MPK or MPC is an instrument that we use to manipulate time and sound waves…There for it must be tuned to play to the pitch(Scale) or time(Sync) result that you are looking forward to achieving….Just like a Brass,Trumpet,Guitar,Violin or any other instrument in a musical set up….
      The Real producers like me know what it is
      Real Music and True Hip-Hop
      It’s our craft…Always perfecting and recreating it self constantly
      Forever changing…

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