Es-Nine – Light of Day Instrumentals (Download)


In addition to producing the Colorado based group 3 The Hardway, Es-Nine is a professionally trained sound engineer who has worked with artists such as DJ Babu, Rakaa Iriscience, Defari, and El Da Sensei.

The jazz influenced instrumental album successfully incorporates classic sounds and production techniques together with clean layering and impressive sample manipulation.

Light of Day highlights include "Make A Difference", "Madness", and a strong reworking of George Benson’s "The Changing World", which was originally sampled for Common’s "I Used To Love H.E.R."

Download: Light of Day by Es-Nine

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894 thoughts on “Es-Nine – Light of Day Instrumentals (Download)”

  1. Damn, ive been listening to this for a couple of days now.
    I really like the vibe of this BeatTape, those jazzy vibes thats my thing.
    I also liked the recreation of the 93 Till Infinity Beat, its a very very improved version of the original 93 Till Infinity Beat.

    this is sampling at its best. very atmospheric, nice delays etc.
    The Drums are crisp to, real Break-Drums.
    Only thing i can say is that the Beats could be a lil bit more Bass-Heavy.

    1 day i wanna do a BeatTape like this

    And its good to hear a BeatTape that doesnt sound like a straight Dilla-Copy.
    most BeatTapes i downloaded over the last year only had Off-Beat Drumpatterns on it which from a lot of cats sounded awful and unrhythmatic

  2. About the Bass-Heavy thing, it sounds fine in my car.
    i was listening through my low-budget headphone all the time

  3. What up fam,I just checked your record out every joint is a banger.I think you really have an ear for good music.I’m feelin the jazz appeal,nobody I heard so far has flipped jazz records like you do.Keep rockin my dude your on the right page.Also I got a emcee by the name of Malik Stone with them raw lyrics official Hip Hop straight up and down.It would be dope if ya’ll got up on some music.Dude is a beast lyrically.Hit me up on my e-mail(

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