NI Announces AUDIO 2 DJ USB Interface


Traktor manufacturer Native Instruments has announced the AUDIO 2 DJ interface, which is being billed as the world’s smallest USB audio interface for DJs

While promising to deliver the same audio quality and performance as the AUDIO 8 DJ and AUDIO 4 DJ interfaces, the AUDIO 2 DJ interface boasts extremely small size and a number of strong features important to those new to digital DJ’ing.

Availability is slated from September 2009 and carries a list price of $119.

Visit Native Instruments for more info about the Audio 2 DJ interface.

Traktor Parkour AUDIO 2 promo after the break!

984 thoughts on “NI Announces AUDIO 2 DJ USB Interface”

  1. I have to admit stupidity here, even after reading the product details. What I’m understanding is this is just a USB sound card you hook up to a mixer so you can play back sound from your laptop? If so I’m not sure what all the hype it about. Cool product and all and I’m sure it has its niche but ehh . . .

  2. nothing like watching someone run and climb for 2 minutes, only to see the product for 5 seconds, and still wonder what it does…

    this sounds similar to the edirol ua-1ex, which has been out for more than a few years now.

  3. from their site: “If you’re a digital DJ who doesn’t require audio recording or timecode control, the AUDIO 2 DJ is made for you.” my guess is no timecode control means this is for itunes djs rather than cats rockin serato, although i could be mistaken. the commercial reminds me of the old infiniti car commercials that showed rocks and flowers instead of the cars.

  4. You could buy an iMic for $40 (less used) and use it in conjunction with your built in sound card and achieve the same exact thing. I mean, it’s nice if you have a need for it — but I can’t believe they spent a presumably large sum of money on that promo video given what this thing actually is.

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